Sarah Jessica Parker Surprises Three Unsuspecting Brides, Yet Prepares For ‘Divorce’ [Video]

At Kleinfeld’s Bridal in New York City, three brides became the luckiest girls in the world when Sex and the City star and footwear designer Sarah Jessica Parker made their bridal shoe dreams a reality.

US Weekly shares details of the unexpected appearance by the fashion icon, SJP.

“While the three brides-to-be — Hillary, Kaitlin and Taylor-Rey — were told that they were filming a segment about accessorizing for the famed bridal shop, featured on the TLC series Say Yes to the Dress, Parker, 51, hid behind closed doors. Once the ladies tried on their gowns, the Sex and the City actress rolled out with her SJP Collection shoes, announcing that she was the ‘sales associate for the day.'”

Of course, all three brides were ecstatic to be in the presence of the talented star and to receive a free pair of shoes from her latest collection in addition. One bride was so taken aback she shouted “Shut the front door!” The Failure to Launch star embraced each bride and their moms and then presented the women with the shoe selection on a tea cart.

The clip of the big moment that was filmed for the well-known reality show also helped fans get a look at Parker’s latest shoe collection, which is available at Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus. Although Sarah has been retired from her role as Carrie Bradshaw for some time, the inspiration for her shoe collection clearly comes partially from her stylish foot wear while on the set of the hit HBO show and the films that followed. US Weekly notes the similarities.

“There’s a metallic T-strap heel, blue suede sandals, velvet flats and a white pointed-toe pump with a jewel embellishment on the top, quite similar to the Manolos her character Carrie Bradshaw wore when she finally tied the knot with Mr. Big in the franchise’s first film”

Although the clip and SJP spot on the reality show are clearly part of a promotional push for the well-known and iconic starlet, as Vanity Fair‘s Jared Sakin relays, when it comes to any celebrity appearance, what isn’t a promotional push? The columnist for the publication humorously commends SJP for her creative and giving approach to promotion.

“So, good for her. Sure it’s all a promotion for something, but who cares. Isn’t everything promotional? In some ways, yes. Most of us aren’t bursting out of a wedding cake slingshotting shoes through the air in the middle of a bridal store, but we’re all promoting our various causes and concerns in our own ways, every day. (Plus, Parker’s upcoming HBO show is called Divorce, so in some ways this is anti-promotion for that.) Really, we should all be so lucky to have Sarah Jessica Parker surprise us as we make arrangements for our big life events. See you at the funeral home, S.J.P., I hope.”

Interestingly enough, as noted by Sakin, wedding bells have nothing to do with Parker’s latest TV series soon to hit HBO. Instead it’s the sound of scrawling across legal documents and dividing of assets that will resound in the comedic series, Divorce. Entertainment Tonight recently reminded readers of words about SJP’s choice to take on the role in Divorce.

“It was an area of particular interest for me because I’m married, and I love being married, and I’m happily married. I think marriage is wonderfully complicated and wonderfully interesting, and everybody conducts their marriage differently. We know almost nothing about people’s marriage, because even those who we’re most intimate with in friendships, we don’t always share the good or the bad. And I just think that at a certain point, some people feel alone and lost.”

You can catch Parker on HBO in the new series, Divorce, in fall 2016.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]