Ryan Reynolds Has His Own Masturbation Trilogy That Includes ‘Deadpool’

Ryan Reynolds has become the new ambassador for Piaget, according to Astro Awani. The 39-year-old Deadpool star has appeared in the lead campaign for the watch brand and brought his charisma to the photo shoot.

Thanks to Ryan Reynolds’ charismatic appearance and, of course, his popularity after the role in Deadpool, Piaget is looking to attract more potential customers to buy their classic timepieces. But it wasn’t just the Deadpool star’s charisma and elegance that made Piaget want to get the actor for their new campaign.

According to Piaget’s CEO Philippe Leopold-Metzger, Ryan Reynolds, like Piaget, also “fearlessly brings creativity to his art.” Reynolds, in turn, had a few pleasant things to say about the timepiece brand as well.

The Deadpool star revealed that he has been aware of the brand since he was just a little kid. In fact, Ryan Reynolds called Piaget the most iconic brand out there, adding that it “exemplifies craftsmanship, elegance, and creativity.”

Reflecting on his career, Ryan Reynolds said that when working as an actor, things can be “cast away” quite quickly, which is why it’s important to find something that is “iconic” and “timeless” like Piaget’s watches.

Reynolds is not the only ambassador for Piaget as the Deadpool star joins actress Jessica Chastain after she was appointed the brand’s representative for its jewelry division last year.

Ryan Reynolds also has his own masturbation trilogy, according to Cinema Blend. The actor himself mentioned that he has masturbated in three movies over the years of his acting career.

And the most recent movie in which Ryan Reynolds was seen masturbating was Deadpool. Before that, the 39-year-old actor masturbated in The Nines and The Change-Up. So now, the actor can easily release his own box set with his own masturbation trilogy. That’s quite an achievement for a Hollywood actor!

Always happy to please his fans, Ryan Reynolds shared his stunning statistics about his on-screen masturbation in DVD commentary tracks for Deadpool. And just in case some fans of the movie didn’t watch the whole thing, Empire Online went through all the commentary delivered by Ryan Reynolds and stumbled across the actor’s revelations.

The Nines and The Change-Up are the two other films I’ve made love to myself, I’m not proud to say.”

For those who want a brief summary about Ryan Reynolds’ masturbation in The Change-Up, here are the details. In the 2011 comedy co-starring Jason Bateman, Reynolds masturbated while having his mind transferred to Bateman’s body. And while some wonder whether that could truly be considered as Reynolds masturbating, the actor himself believes it still counts to be included in his special trilogy.

In The Nines, meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds masturbated in his own body so it definitely counts. In the 2007 film, the actor plays a character under house arrest who burned his house down. And while both Deadpool and The Change-Up have lots of jokes and that masturbation scenes could be somewhat expected, in The Nines, the scene came as a bit of a surprise.

Overall, those who liked seeing Ryan Reynolds masturbating in Deadpool and crave more steamy scenes can get the actor’s two other movies, The Nines and The Change-Up, to complete the so-called Ryan Reynolds Masturbation Trilogy.

Anxious to stay busy, Ryan Reynolds is currently filming The Hitman’s Bodyguard, in which he stars alongside Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Salma Hayek, but it is as yet unclear whether or not Ryan Reynolds is planning to masturbate in that movie as well and turn his trilogy into a box set of four.

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]