Month Of May 2016 Continues Trend Of Record Heat, Possibly Proves Global Warming Is Happening

Patrick Frye

The month of May 2016 is not only the beginning of Summer for many around the world. It is now officially the warmest May in recorded history. This may not seem like such bad news after such a chilly winter, but it could be an indication that former Vice President Al Gore was right.

Global warming might be truly happening, and a trend of months that have been warmer than usual has continued. As environmentalists have been asserting for years now, global warming is the gradual rising in temperatures caused by a greenhouse effect in Earth's atmosphere. As explained in Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth, pollution from power plants, oil refineries, and automotive exhaust are creating a blanket of gas like a layer, trapping the Sun's rays in the atmosphere and causing the trend that has perpetuated into the month of May 2016.


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A possibly natural cause for climate change is the ocean's temperature, which is steadily rising and arguably feeding the tropical storm system known as El Nino. It takes decades for the world's oceans to get warmer, but it appears to be happening. Oil spills probably aren't helping either, leading to concerns over the continued production of gas-fueled automobiles.

The wealthy have been attempting to make an impact by choosing to switch to electric cars, but the problem possibly lies with the oil industry. It is a very powerful economic force and may be pushing to keep carbon-emitting engines on the market. For this reason, many cities around the United States and other nations have enacted a law requiring emissions testing in order to keep a vehicle registered every year.

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Pollution is also a heavy contributor, and China has taken steps to cut down on their own problem. They have stopped accepting most of the plastic the United States used to export, causing much of what we recycle to end up in landfills. The problem still persists despite what we do to curb it.

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Cities in England and the United States have experienced a rise in the minimum temperatures for the month of May 2016. Warwick and Texas both reported records, with lows the highest they've ever been. The lowest temperature of the day is often mistaken to be around midnight, but it's actually around 6 a.m. This is when the ground has cooled the most and the Sun is on the verge of rising.

NASA released a report on Tuesday confirming this continuation of a disturbing trend, stating that the Arctic and Greenland ice sheets have started melting earlier than usual. The Finnish Meteorological Institute reported temperatures of three to five degrees warmer than usual in the month of May 2016.

El Nino's weather patterns have died down, and human activities remain the largest cause for the record heat. Super El Nino was admittedly the reason for most of Australia to experience record heat last fall.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has revealed that April had marked the 12th straight month of record temperatures globally, and with the month of May 2016, it only appears to be getting worse.

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