‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Finn’s Complicated Situation Intensifies, Andre Opens Up To Anna, And Elizabeth Faces Difficult Truths From Carly

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode indicate that there are some awkward interactions on the way. Anna feels betrayed by Andre and Jordan while Finn is under a lot of pressure at work. Valerie is graduating from the police academy, and this will set the stage for some interesting moments. What else can fans expect from the June 15 show?

Valerie and her fellow cadets will be anxious to celebrate their graduation, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Curtis will be by her side. According to SheKnows Soaps, seeing the celebration will make him a bit wistful for his days on the force and for some reason, he orchestrates an opportunity for them to hang out with Lulu and Dante.

Andre showed up at Anna’s place to talk to her after fighting with Jordan, but Anna was not terribly happy to see him there. She will tell him to leave, but he insists that he needs to speak with her. These two have been dancing around their feelings for one another for some time now, and it sounds as if a meaningful discussion about where they stand may be on the way.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Andre will be opening up to her about his feelings, but viewers will have to tune in to see exactly what he says. Could a romance finally be brewing between Anna and Andre, or will he explain that his feelings for her mean something else?


Finn has secrets he has been quite anxious to keep hidden, but Obrecht is on a mission to expose him. Monica is trying to help him and wants him to take a drug test, but General Hospital spoilers note that he will resist this.

Viewers do not know exactly what Finn has been injecting himself with, but he naturally does not want to have others figure it out. As Monica is trying to help Finn, Obrecht seemingly uncovers something more about him that could be quite problematic. Obrecht feels sure that he is the one killing patients, but viewers feel fairly confident someone else is the culprit. What will Obrecht find now that seems to solidify her suspicions regarding Finn?


Elizabeth is going to be struggling with some information she gets from Carly, details Serial Scoop. While some would like to see this be related to the ongoing kidney transplant mystery, the buzz is that Carly will be talking to Liz about her difficult past with Franco, trying to warn Elizabeth about getting too close to him. In addition, General Hospital spoilers note that Sonny will be warning Carly about what she might learn, but it is not clear yet what this is referencing.

Lulu and Dante will be getting some support from Sonny in some key way during Wednesday’s show, and as the week continues, fans will see more from Jason and Sam as they work to clear his name. They have been making some progress on piecing together what really happened at Wyndemere, but the buzz is that they will soon be taking a big trip to find the evidence they need.


Fans now have seen that Nikolas is indeed alive and just flew overseas, but Ava and the mysterious Huxley both know his whereabouts. General Hospital spoilers detail that Finn will continue to make waves, and there is more trouble on the way regarding Julian and Alexis as the week continues.

What is the truth about Josslyn’s kidney? When will others from Port Charles learn that Nikolas is alive and seemed to orchestrate his disappearance himself? What exactly is it that Finn has been hiding? General Hospital spoilers for the summer storylines tease that there are juicy developments on the way, and fans cannot wait to see where things head next.


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