Chris Jericho On Kevin Owens: ‘He Has What It Takes To Make It To The Top In WWE’

Most would agree that Kevin Owens is one of, if not the most entertaining WWE stars on WWE’s main roster. Most would also agree that WWE hasn’t fully taken advantage of his talent and showcased just exactly how great he could be in the company’s main-event scene.

Owens, who is 32-years-old, made his WWE debut last year after a storied career on the independent scene and a successful run in NXT, where he was the NXT Champion. So far in WWE, his biggest moment was when he defeated John Cena at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view last May. Since then, he’s been on the hunt for the Intercontinental Title.

Other than the Cena feud, Owens hasn’t been in WWE’s main-event scene. But that could all change at this Sunday’s Money in the Bank show, as he’s one of six men who will be in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

WWE legend Chris Jericho will also be in the MITB ladder match, and on Tuesday’s edition of Off the Top Rope with former WWE commentator Jonathan Coachman, Jericho said that everybody who is in the Money in the Bank ladder match, especially Kevin Owens, has what it takes to make it to the very top in WWE.

“I think Kevin Owens is very special. He’s different from everybody else, he doesn’t look like a typical WWE superstar, he doesn’t really act like a typical WWE superstar, but that’s what you need to make it to the top level. I see great a great future for him.”


As of right now, Kevin Owens is the odds-on favorite to win this Sunday’s Money in the Bank ladder match. The only other guy in the match that has a shot at winning, according to the betting odds, is Dean Ambrose, who, on this past Monday’s Raw, teased that he would win the MITB briefcase and cash in on the very same night regardless of who the WWE World Heavyweight Champion ends up being.

Typically, having a heel win the Money in the Bank briefcase is always the best move, and Owens is probably the hottest heel in the six-man match. There’s always the possibility of Dean Ambrose turning heel after he wins the briefcase, but that doesn’t seem likely.

Also, it looks like Roman Reigns will be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the foreseeable future, so it would make sense for a heel like Owens to win the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Owens’ physique has been the main thing holding him down during his time on the main roster, but with the brand split coming up, WWE will be more willing to take chances on guys they normally wouldn’t take chances on.


It’s unclear if Owens will end up on Raw or SmackDown. It’s also unclear if he’ll be able to cash in the briefcase on a Champion of his choosing after the brand split, or if he’ll only be able to cash in on his brand’s Champion.

WWE’s draft is rumored to be taking place in mid-July, so we’ll probably have a better understanding of what the Money in the Bank winner can and can’t do after that. In the past, WWE has had two MITB briefcase holders, but they’re only going to have one this year.

Only a small percentage of WWE superstars haven’t successfully cashed in their Money in the Bank contract, so odds are that Owens, if he wins the ladder match, will become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at some point within the next calendar year.

[Image via WWE]