Is Jay-Z Set To Close The Paralympics Alongside Coldplay And Rihanna?

Saturday will see the conclusion to this years Paralympic games, and a star-studded closing ceremony is set to bring the curtain down on a spectacular few weeks for the English capital. London has so far covered itself in glory with each of the choreographed events it has hosted for the games, and this weekend looks set to be no different.

The Daily Mirror has reported that Jay-Z will be joining Rihanna and Coldplay on stage to perform in front of 80,000 screaming fans and the billions of people watching at home.

A source has told the paper “Jay-Z and Chris Martin are close friends so he helped to get the rapper on board. They are putting together a spectacular set list – one likely to include a duet.”

The American rapper and Coldplay have previously recorded two pieces together during their careers. “Lost +” appeared on the English band’s Prospekts March EP in 2008, and Jay-Z’s “Beach Chair” was the concluding song of his 2006 Kingdom Come album, whilst Rihanna and the rock foursome also composed the hit single from 2011’s Mylo Xyloto, “Princess of China.”

Of course, the Barbados singer and Jay-Z have an illustrious history of their own having released the single “Umbrella” in 2007, which featured in the opening ceremony of the games on August 29.

The themes of the ceremony are set to include earth, wind, water, fire, and ice, and a vast orchestra of 17 performers will also be featured, each of whom will suffer from a disability.

Jay-Z (who attended this weekends much-hyped Made In America festival in Philadelphia), Rihanna, and Coldplay have only been paid £1 to perform at the gig.