‘Shahs’ Drama Level Goes Crazy As Mike Shouhed’s Supposed Mistress Goes Public

Things have certainly been tense on Shahs of Sunset, with nearly every relationship imploding, but things are about to go from bad to worse, as Mike Shouhed’s alleged mistress is not only coming forward, but she also wrote a book about her time with Mike Shouhed called My Nights With The Shah. At this point, Mike is still begging his wife Jessica Parido to take him back, and professing his innocence, but if the supposed mistress, Emerald Wilson-Bey, is coming forward, ready to take on Mike and Jessica, things are about to get pretty ugly for Mike Shouhed.

According to the Inquisitr, things were already a bit odd on Shahs of Sunset between husband and wife Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido, but they got dramatic at Asa’s kaftan fashion show at the Four Seasons hotel. Asa had reserved the first row for Mike, Jessica, Reza, and company, but a fight was going on, so nobody was in their seats when Asa’s models walked down the runway. But a real gem named Emerald is about to make things worse for Mike Shouhed, and things on Shahs of Sunset will never be the same.


Reality Tea says that Emerald Wilson-Bey doesn’t just have a bone to pick with Jessica Parido, but she is also taking on alleged former lover Mike Shouhed. The suggestion that Mike is a dog who cheated was circulating back when Mike and Jessica got married, and even further, back to the time when GG and Mike were at Reza’s Thai would-be wedding. But until now, fans didn’t have a name for the woman said to be running around with Mike behind Jessica’s back on Shahs.

But the reported girl on the side is said to be refusing to go quietly as she even wrote a book about her time with Mike called My Nights with the Shah. To fire the first shot, Emerald Wilson-Bey released a statement.

“First of all Jessica Parido is not being honest, she knew about me before they got married. She even must’ve been surprised that he was all of a sudden ready to get married, Pronto!! In the order documented in my book!! After not wanting to get married at all!! So she kind of set herself up for what has played out in her marriage. But nonetheless, Mike is still not the victim that he has been portraying himself out to be. He was so dishonest to us both. And his inability to come clean on any of it is repulsive!!”


If the grammar in the statement is any indication, the book might be a very difficult read, but there is no mistaking the intention of the statement by Emerald, as she claims to have been Mike’s mistress, and she says that Jessica knew about her the whole time. Up until now, most fans believed that Jessica had been wronged, but this statement complicates things.


Classicalite claims that Jessica lost it when she found out that Mike had been corresponding with women and cheating after they got married, and after having the evidence in front of her, she was done. The book by Emerald Wilson-Bey just made things worse. Wilson-Bey said she felt compelled to write the book to get the truth out.

“Barely six months after our wedding, I found endless texts with different girls that he would meet up with and have sex with. They were graphic text messages about sex and his penis size…It was disgusting.”


Jessica believes that Mike has shared his version of events, Emerald has put details in a book, and now, Jessica thinks it is her turn to tell her own story.

“I felt anger because I knew that had he been single, as he initially claimed, there would have been nothing for production to discover.”

On Shahs of Sunset, who do you believe is telling the truth, Mike or Jessica, or perhaps Emerald?

[Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images]