TweetBlocker kills Twitter spammers fast

TweetBlocker is a new service that allows you to identify spammers you’ve managed to follow, and block them.

After handing over your Twitter account details, TweetBlocker runs an algorithm through people you are following, then grades them with a score of A to F based on the likelihood they are spammers, F being highly likely, A being fine. You can then choose which accounts should be blocked, and block them from within TweetBlocker itself.

The results are good, but not spectacular. In my case, it did identify spammers, but it also marked a number of legitimate accounts poorly as well. It particularly seems to dislike accounts that only post links, which means that if you’re following a Twitter account attached to a website, you might find that accounted listed as a spam account.

The small issue aside, it’s a much needed service. TweetBlocker could easily become one of the most popular Twitter tools released this year.

(via Mashable.)