‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ Stars Eve and Eivin Kilcher To Release A New Cookbook

Word of the new cookbook has been spreading like wildfire among fans of the Kilcher clan. Starcasm shared that Eve and Eivin’s new cookbook, Homestead Kitchen, will be coming out on October 25. The cookbook will give their huge fan base a closer look at how Eve, Eivin, and the rest of the Kilcher family live and thrive on the family’s homestead.

Both Eve and Eivin seem to have quite the green thumb when it comes to gardening or foraging for fresh food. In their debut cookbook, the Kilcher couple shares 85 original family recipes and will offer advice on how to garden, preserve, and forage. According to a synopsis of Homestead Kitchen provided by Eve Kilcher on her Facebook page, the tips and techniques included in the book were cultivated from the entire family. Since most of them would be considered experts in sustainable living, they undoubtedly provided Eve and Eivin with a wealth of information to pass on to their readers.


The cookbook features delicious recipes for anyone desiring to live a more sustainable, healthy, and independent lifestyle, regardless of whether they live in suburban, urban, or rural areas. There are plenty of helpful tips explaining to readers how to use fresh ingredients in their cooking, and how to become less dependent on mass-produced food and other overly processed products.

Eve goes on to say that the stunning photographs included in the cookbook are from in and around their home and farm. The Kilcher homestead is surrounded by so much beauty that any photo is sure to be breathtaking. Eivin Kilcher stated on his own Facebook post that a close friend, Brian Grobleski, was the photographer and he captured many special moments and some amazing recipes that the family has developed over the years.

Eivin went on to say that they put a lot of time, energy, and love into this book. The couple worked hard to try and give readers a close look into everything that is food-related from their home. Fans of the Kilcher’s will be happy to know that, according to Eivin, Homestead Kitchen gives an even more intimate look into their family life. The cookbook can be pre-ordered now, and will be available through a wide selection of outlets including Walmart, Target, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Fans of Alaska: The Last Frontier know just how busy the Kilcher’s are most of the year. The spring and summer months are spent preparing for the long, cold, and dark months of winter. Perhaps when frigid temperatures and several feet of snow forces them inside is when they were able to find the time to work on the new book. With two very young children, Findlay and Sparrow Rose, to care for, it still probably took some skillful time management between Eve, Eivin, and other family members to get the cookbook completed.

For an idea on what to expect, Country Living shared during an interview with Eve Kilcher a ginger molasses cookie recipe that has been passed down for generations within the Kilcher family.

“This is a ginger molasses cookie recipe that has been passed down to me from Eivin’s mother Sharon, who learned it from her mother,” Eve explained. “I have varied the recipe greatly as I always do with recipes. This is Eivin’s favorite sweet in all the world. I felt it was crucial that I learn it as his wife, and he says I made the recipe even better. I always double this recipe or else they are all eaten up within a few minutes of coming out of the oven.”

For an Alaska: The Last Frontier Christmas special, Eve shared how she makes a mead from rose hips, which by the way goes great with the cookies. These recipes will most likely make it into the cookbook.

Are you a fan of the Kilcher’s? Will you be checking out Eve and Eivin’s new cookbook? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. Discovery announced that Alaska: The Last Frontier has been renewed for a sixth season and will most likely air sometime in mid-October.

[Image via Eve Kilcher/Facebook]