Betty White To Counter Clint At DNC?

Kim LaCapria

Betty White has kind of emerged as the Chuck Norris of little old ladies, and it's almost entirely predictable that, while Clint Eastwood was still railing at the imagined profanity of an empty chair, the internet was already buzzing that the only surviving Golden Girl, a known Barack Obama supporter, should provide the Democrat foil to Eastwood's Republican whargarbl.

With Betty White, it's almost impossible to know what is real and what is fan invention, but White did host Saturday Night Live after internet fans mobilized to have the sassy senior host the show. The same sort of outpouring of White-love has come on the heels of the Eastwood debacle, with users the web over discussing how fantastic a speech by White at the DNC would be a fantastic response to Eastwood's bizarre and lengthy ramble-that-spawned-a-meme, Eastwooding.

Like much web activism, the push to get Betty White to the DNC began over on in a petition started by Peter Slutsky. In the petition, Slutsky calls out Eastwood's showing at the RNC before making a case for White to represent the left at this week's convention:

“Clint Eastwood, the Republican’s ‘mystery guest’ at the RNC, gave a bad name to older Americans everywhere with his absurd and awkward-to-watch introduction of Governor Romney."
"Governor Romney can have Clint Eastwood and his improvisational skills because President Obama has the one and only Betty White!”