Omarosa, Michael Clarke Duncan Were Planning Secret January Wedding

Reality show star Omarosa, who was out of town at the time boyfriend Michael Clarke Duncan passed away yesterday morning, had plans with the Green Mile star to wed in a few months, it has been reported.

Michael Clarke Duncan suffered a myocardial infarction July 13, and girlfriend Omarosa’s presence when the late-night attack hit literally saved his life. For the six intervening weeks, however, Omarosa was forced to spend her time with Duncan in the hospital as he remained there being treated in the wake of the serious medical incident.

And as you probably know, Duncan died suddenly yesterday morning — and even more sadly, Omarosa was out of town when the actor passed. TMZ snapped Omarosa arriving at the airport in tears last night, and one of the paps filming the Apprentice star as she enters a waiting SUV says:

“Omarosa, our condolences … we’re really sorry for your loss … Michael was a great guy.”

The showbiz spies also report that Omarosa and Michael Clarke Duncan were planning a January wedding, and the site says:

“Michael Clarke Duncan and Omarosa Manigault were secretly engaged and the wedding was set for this January, TMZ has learned … Sources connected with the couple tell us, Michael and Omarosa kept the engagement a secret from the media … only telling very close friends and family about the pending nuptials … We’re told the couple had just started planning for the wedding when Michael went into full cardiac arrest July 13 and was hospitalized until his death.”

Omarosa has not made an official statement to media following Michael Clarke Duncan’s sudden death.