Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian Want Second Child After Arrival Of Couple’s Baby As ‘KUWTK’ Summer Wedding Nears

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian are so in love that they have already discussed plans to have another child as soon as the socialite gives birth to their baby later this year.

According to Hollywood Life, Kardashian is more than open to the idea of having another baby, convinced that he’s ready to take on the responsibility to be a father and raise his own family. Sources say that Rob has wanted a family of his own for so long, and to know that Blac Chyna is just months away from giving birth has made the 29-year-old that much more excited.

Insiders reveal that Rob has been spending a lot of time with Blac Chyna’s 3-year-old son Cairo — the sock designer treats Blac’s firstborn more or less like his own son, and because of his close bond with Cairo, Kardashian knows he’ll make a great dad.

“Should everything go well with Rob and Blac’s first pregnancy, they’re heading down the aisle and back to the bedroom to get it cracking,” the source reveals. “Rob wants more children. He wants to have at least as many children, if not more, than his late father.”

As the insider already mentions, Rob Kardashian doesn’t exactly know how many kids he wants to have as of right now, but it’ll definitely be more than two. He genuinely believes that his romance with Blac Chyna will last forever, and because of the supposed fact that the couple is on the same page with one another as far as raising a family is concerned, Rob won’t be holding back when it comes to trying for baby number two.

The source adds that with Rob Kardashian’s infamous three-year depression, the reality star felt so isolated from his friends and family — and while it was his decision to seclude himself, Rob felt nothing but pain and loneliness, which would often result in the 29-year-old binging on junk food.

With his plans to have plenty of his own children in the near future, Rob wants to surround himself with nothing but love. He knows that Blac Chyna loves him unconditionally, so it makes perfect sense for him to settle down with someone who not only feels the same way he does but also wants to extend her own family with the forthcoming addition of their first child.

“Rob comes from a big family but for many of years of his life, he felt exiled from them. Part of the reason he wants a massive family of his own is so that he can not only spread a lot of love to Blac and their kids, including King, but also to feel loved by them. Blac’s down too. She and Rob are so much in love and on the same page when it comes to just about anything.”

News of Rob Kardashian’s decision to have more children following Chyna’s birth comes just one week after it was alleged that the couple still plans on tying the knot later this year. According to reports, Rob is eager to land himself a deal that will see him document his wedding as part of a three-part docu-series, but he’s holding back until a network makes him a seven-figure offer.

It’s unclear whether Rob and Blac Chyna are waiting until they have a deal before they move forward with their wedding plans, or whether the two are solely focusing on Blac’s pregnancy before they make any further decisions, but one thing seems to be certain, Rob is marrying Chyna this year.

[Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]