Bethenny Frankel Has A Health Scare On ‘RHONY’–Andy Cohen Says ‘She Started Bleeding Profusely’

RHONY star Bethenny Frankel had a mysterious health scare, and from the sound of it, it’s pretty scary.

In the latest trailer for the season of Real Housewives of New York City, the Skinny Girl mogul revealed she has to undergo surgery and is visibly shaken up talking about a living will. Bravo exec and host, Andy Cohen, previews the incident that sparked Frankel’s health journey that ended in surgery.

Bethenny Frankl sat down with Entertainment Tonight and said her “woman issues” was something she felt many women could relate too. Bethenny also shot down the speculation that her issue was cancer and balked that she wasn’t aware people would “go there.”

“I don’t have cancer. I don’t even like that word is sort of out there. I have a couple of different female issues going on at the same time that have created kind of the perfect storm, so I am dealing with it. I’m OK right now. I’ve had moments of not being OK. I’ve had what people are calling a ‘health scare,’ because it is and has been scary…I’m going to be fine. I’m sure I’m going to be fine. I don’t want anyone to worry, but a little more on that later, once I kind of get into it.”

Bethenny tries to talk about her health scare and tears stream down her face. Typically, she puts on a brave face, but fearing for her health and having a child to look after scared Frankel to her breaking point. She explained that she needed to have surgery and had to believe when it was all over–she would be in tip-top shape.


E! News reports that due to her health scare, Frankel’s time on the RHONY this season was cut short. She had to tend to her health, and of course, that had to come before the reality TV gig.

Bethenny recalled that something happened while on the show filming, and she had to say what was going on with her because when filming, your life is all about RHONY taping.

“I didn’t decide to talk about my health issues on the show. I was on the show and something happened to me, and it just sort of took over. When you’re filming, it’s pretty all-intensive and when something hits you, it’s not really something you can avoid. It’s something that physically affected a lot of the season, and I almost couldn’t—well, I actually did. There’s some of the seasons where I had to bow out and stay in bed.”

Bethenny admits she was glad that it happened while on the show, so she could “put it out there.” She revealed her health journey is something many women will relate too, and she hopes her story will help at least one person.

In an interview, Andy Cohen spoke about her health incident and revealed that “she started bleeding profusely.” At the time, they were sure what was wrong with her, but she is soon diagnosed and heads to surgery. Andy says it was a “scary situation” and he’s glad she is doing “much better now.”


Aside from her health scare, Bethenny says Season 8 will be a time for her to confront her demons. She decides to open the doors soon to dating again, something she wasn’t sure she was ready to do. She admitted it’s been a good exercise, and it has been good to have someone to spend time with other than her employees, friends, and family.

It sounds like a very scary situation and we are glad that Bethenny Frankel seems to be doing much better now. Stick with The Inquisitr for all your RHONY spoilers, news, and updates.

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