A Group Of Hypnotists Arrested For Criminal Acts In Jakarta, Stole Money And Personal Belongings With Hypnosis

A group of hypnotists has been arrested by the Jakarta police after they were found accused of using hypnosis to carry out criminal acts, such as stealing money and personal belongings from their victims.

Hypnosis is very effective tool for criminals because it can cause the victims to willingly give up whatever it is that the criminal wants. Ari Cahyo, Jakarta Police Commissioner, told Tempo this chilling statement.

"The victims did not realize they had given their valuables, such as laptops, cellphones and money, to the perpetrators."
The criminals would ask victims for directions. Eventually, two of the criminals would then hypnotize the victims. The hypnotists would have the victims hand over personal belongings, and even money. The criminals were well on there way before the victims came out of the trance.

criminals use hypnosis to steal items and money from victims
[Photo via Shutterstock]During questioning, the five hypnotists admitted to have committed similar crimes more than 100 times. Further, the criminals admitted to buying land in Bogor using the money stolen from the treacherous crimes.

Hypnosis has been used by criminals in many different cases. Another case was reported in 2014 when a shopkeeper in North London was put into a trance in order for the criminal to steal from him.

As the criminal was walking by the shopkeeper, he tapped him on the shoulder twice, then quickly made a stabbing gesture towards the victim's eyes, leaving him mesmerized. The criminal stole hundreds of pounds in cash before tapping him on the shoulder once more and walked out.

The victim's friend is concerned about the possibility of more criminals using the same tactic to steal.

"He had hundreds of pounds stolen from him. It's worrying if people can do that, other people might do the same."
Damien O'Brien, a magician, believes that the victim may have spoken to the hypnotist previously to implant triggers into his subconscious.
"You can never hypnotize someone on the first go, you warm them up. I would have thought he has already gone in there before and done some pre-suggestive stuff. He may have said on an earlier visit that the next time he comes in and touches the man on the shoulder he is going to go into a relaxed trance and will let him go into his pockets. The shoulder touch could be a trigger."
For ways to prevent yourself from being a victim to this type of hypnotic crime, consider these steps.
  1. Believe that it is not possible for your to be hypnotized.
  2. Keep your mind active and don't absorb too much from people in public.
  3. If you are in public and you suddenly feel chest pain, nauseous, or tired, be aware that you may be a victim of a hypnotist. Snap yourself out of it by telling yourself, "I am fully aware."
  4. If a group of several people approach you, contact the police, stay away from the group, and go to an area with a large amount of people.
Take a look at this hypnotist stealing from a shopkeeper. Crimes by hypnosis is very popular in Indonesia. The Jakarta Post reveals that this crime has occurred many times, however, many have been unsolved or unreported.
Police in Indonesia warn travelers about this heinous crime. Hypnotic criminals are known to be at the airports, as well as train and bus stations. An airport in Indonesia has banners that warn travelers of these criminals.
"Be wary of strangers who suddenly touch you and avoid talking to them."
General Ronny Sompie, a national police spokesman Inspector, tells The Straits Times that vulnerable people are the typical victims of hypnotic crimes.
"They target those who appear vulnerable – with a lot of luggage, or who ask for help when they arrive."
When traveling to Indonesia, be aware that this type of crime occurs often. Take precautions to avoid this happening to you, and report any suspicious activity to the police.

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