Park Shin Hye: Popular Korean Actress Sets The Mood With Sungjae Of BtoB For Mamonde

One of the most popular Korean actresses in the Korean television and movie industry today is Park Shin Hye. Originally beginning her career in the industry back in 2003 when she played the younger version of main character Han Jung Suh (Choi Ji Woo) in Stairway to Heaven, Shin Hye has since made a name for herself in many K-dramas and K-movies afterwards. However, Shin Hye’s most popular roles started in 2013 with leads in Flower Boys Next Door, Heirs, and Pinocchio. Park Shin Hye even had roles in popular K-movies, though they are either supporting or cameos, such as Miracle in Cell No. 7, The Royal Tailor, and The Beauty Inside.

Park Shin Hye’s popularity has opened up many other opportunities for the Hallyu Star. Besides acting, Shin Hye is an accomplished singer and she performed many songs off the original soundtracks of her K-dramas. Yet, Shin Hye’s most popular extracurricular endeavor is contracting. Park Shin Hye usually does this through modeling like for Millet’s winter fashion with Pinocchio co-lead Lee Jong Suk, but she’ll utilize her acting as well such as for Lotte Duty-Free.

Now the fruits of labor for Park Shin Hye’s latest contract endeavor involves Yook Sung Jae who is better known as Sungjae of popular K-pop boy group BtoB. Together, they set the mood to promote Mamonde.

Mamonde released two commercials featuring both Park Shin Hye and Sungjae, as reported by AllKpop. In both commercials both Shin Hye and Sungjae enjoy each other’s company, coming off as a very cute couple in the midst of grassy field populated with cherry blossom trees. From what can be discerned from the commercials, Sungjae is completely enamored by how beautiful Shin Hye is, specifically her face.

There is a major reason why Sungjae is concentrating on Park Shin Hye’s face throughout the two commercials and it has to do with the product they are promoting through a concept formulation via CF contract. The commercial is trying to convey to viewers that the reason for Shin Hye’s beauty in the commercial is earned through the aid of Mamonde’s newest cosmetic product, the Cover Powder Cushion. For those who do not know exactly what this product is, it is a cushion foundation that has a semi-matte foundation and about a medium to medium-high coverage. It is primarily used to even out skin tones, but Mamonde, like many other Korean cosmetics, is known for whitening. Mamonde, however, aims their shades for the Cover Powder Cushion to be “light and bright like petals.” It also has UV protection and is anti-wrinkle.

It should be noted that Park Shin Hye has been the face of Mamonde since April 2014 when she was selected for her pure beauty and diverse talents, as reported by Soompi. Apparently, the popular Korean cosmetics brand thought Shin Hye was a great message for their brand message of “Invented by Flowers,” in which she has promoted concept formulations on many of their products since then.

Mamonde’s most-popular product under Shin Hye was 20 shades of lipsticks labeled the “Park Shin Hye Lipstick Effect.” Shin Hye herself used it during the filming of her popular K-drama Pinocchio which in turn caused a sales surge of the product, as reported by Kpop Herald. With that past result in mind, it is possible that Mamonde released their Cover Powder Cushion in direct correlation to Shin Hye’s return to K-dramas when she plays the part of Yoo Hey Jeong in Doctors, hoping for another sales surge.

Nevertheless, Park Shin Hye will soon be on television when K-drama, Doctors, begins airing on June 20. Episodes will air on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m KST on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS). Park Shin Hye also played the lead in the K-movie, Brother, which will air sometime this year at the box office.

[Image via Screen Capture of Mamonde CF Contract Commercial for Cover Powder Cushion]