Jimmy Fallon Ratings Say Barack Obama Is No Better Than Donald Trump

Jimmy Fallon invited U.S. President Barack Obama to guest star on his late night talk show, and his ratings went through the roof, according to China Topix. Not Obama’s support ratings, though, but The Tonight Show’s ratings.

Interestingly, the episode’s rating also matched the rating the show earned when Trump appeared on the show last year.

During his appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, Obama once again proved to be the most down-to-earth president of the United States. In fact, the president even slow-jammed with the 41-year-old host.

Thursday’s episode of the talk show allowed Jimmy Fallon to go viral once again. It was thanks to that hilarious slow-jam segment in which Obama highlighted his eight years in office. Obama also made a series of references toward Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

The segment began with Obama introducing himself as the President of the U.S. and announcing that he was about to slow jam with the Roots and host Jimmy Fallon. As a slow beat started playing, Obama slow-jammed about all of his significant actions as President of the U.S.

In particular, Obama reminded the audience how the U.S. experienced a major fall in the unemployment rate and how gay marriage was legalized during his eight years in office. HE also had a few things to say about the controversial Obama Care.

“In short, climate change is real, health care is affordable, and love is love.”

Overall, Obama’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show allowed him to list all of his achievements as the president over the past eight years.

“Through the actions of my administration, we were able to stimulate the economy to get our country back on track.”

But slow-jamming about his achievements as the president wasn’t the only thing Obama did during his visit to Jimmy Fallon’s talk show. The president also couldn’t help but endorse his fellow Democrat and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Obama also took a swipe at Trump by saying that orange is not the new black.

When Jimmy Fallon asked the president if he has watched the presidential election 2016 coverage on TV, Obama hinted that Trump (who has a slightly orange face complexion) will never be the president of the United States.

“No. But I have been watching my new favorite show: ‘Orange is Not the New Black’.”

But Obama wasn’t the only one slow-jamming, obviously. Jimmy Fallon also addressed the president’s achievements by whispering them in a sexy voice.

Obama was also generous enough to share his plans after he leaves office. And Jimmy Fallon then played Rihanna’s hit song “Work,” which he performed alongside the president. But Obama doesn’t have much time left to “Work” as the president of the U.S., as the presidential election, which will be held in November this year, is fast approaching.

Obama made a guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s previous talk show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, in 2012, back when he was campaigning to be re-elected.

And Jimmy Fallon’s talk show benefited greatly from Obama’s appearance on the show last week, according to China Topix. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon saw an impressive spike in ratings that night.

Thursday’s episode of Jimmy Fallon’s talk show, which marked Obama’s first appearance on the show, received a total of 3.6 household rating. It was also reported that nearly 70 percent of the households across the U.S. turned on their TVs to watch the episode.

Also, Obama’s visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon allowed the talk show to see its best overnight ratings ever since its first episode in February 2014. In fact, last week’s episode beat the record set by the show’s episode featuring Obama’s wife, Michelle.

[Photo by Thomas A. Ferrara-Pool/Getty Images]