Orlando Shooter’s Wife Facing Charges? Noor Mateen Admits She Knew About Attack

The Orlando shooter’s wife could be facing charges very soon.

Gunman Omar Mateen has been in the news since police identified him as the culprit behind the deadly nightclub massacre in Orlando, Florida. Many are now starting to ask questions about his wife, Noor Mateen, who has admitted to authorities that she knew that her husband was going to carry out an attack.

According to NBC News, the Orlando shooter’s wife even said that she drove Omar to Pulse Nightclub one night so he could scope the place out. She also said that she was with her husband when he bought ammunition and a holster. Many are wondering if this makes her an accessory in the case.

No charges have been filed against the Orlando shooter’s wife just yet. She is said to be cooperating with the police at this time.

“Authorities are considering filing criminal charges against Noor for failing to tell them what she knew before the brutal attack, law enforcement officials say, but no decision has been made.”

The Orlando shooter’s wife told the FBI that she tried to convince her husband not to carry out the attack at Pulse Nightclub. Perhaps afraid for her own life and the life of the couple’s 3-year-old son, Noor did not reach out to authorities.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Omar Mateen was considering an attack at Disney Springs on Walt Disney World property. He reportedly spent time there, checking things out before ultimately deciding that he was going to go on a rampage at Pulse. Both locations were on his radar, but he made his decision and carried out his plan, while his wife was well aware of her husband’s desires to murder innocent people. Still, she kept the information to herself.

According to CNN, Omar Mateen conducted “surveillance trips” to Disney Springs and the Pulse nightclub. Some of these trips were taken alone and some were taken with Noor Mateen, though it is unknown how much Omar actually told her.

The days that Omar Mateen went to Disney Springs were on “Gay Days,” which is an annual event held at Disney World that celebrates the LGBT community. This year, Disney celebrated these days between May 31 and June 6. Omar Mateen visited Pulse and Disney Springs an unknown number of times between June 1 and June 6, according to CNN. While this may simply be a coincidence, many feel that Mateen targeted the gay community on purpose.

“The day before that rampage, Mateen spent several hours at Disney Springs, formerly known as Downtown Disney, law enforcement officials said. Authorities said they believe Mateen was alone at that time.”

It is unknown if Omar Mateen was armed at the time or if he was just scoping out the area.

It is also unclear if the Orlando shooter’s wife was with him in Disney World during any of his more recent visits — another on April 26. It is also unclear if Omar’s wife knew that he was going to carry out the attack at Pulse Nightclub the night that he did.

So far, 49 people have died from wounds suffered in the attack and over 50 people were injured by the Orlando shooter. There are still at least six people listed in critical condition at Orlando area hospitals.

Further details on the Orlando shooter’s wife and the fate that she might face should be available later this week.

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