Thieves Steal 49 Cows From Massachusetts Farm

Thieves stole 49 cows from a Massachusetts farm on Saturday night, making off with a herd with an estimated worth of $50,000.

The cattle burger-lars targeted an Old Fall River Road farm, re-moo-ving the 49 cows at some point between 10 pm and midnight. The scene of the crime was described as a “communal farm” by local police chief Timothy Lee.

Local authorities have refused to release further details of how the investigation is progressing, but Lee did say police have “a few ideas” as to what happened, reports South Coast Today.

The farm, which can be accessed via a dirt road, is said by locals to be “more junkyard than pasture,” with goats reportedly roaming the property on the night the thieves made their steal. On the evening the 49 cows went missing, witnesses reported seeing a bonfire tended by three men while a party was in full swing in the very next cattle enclosure.

Eyewitness reports also describe the presence of cars with New York license plates and all-terrain vehicles.

Press are having little luck locating other details; South Coast Today reports that several people at the farm refused to speak to their reporter. One of those present, who asked to remain anonymous, said the farm’s owner regularly rented out portions of the farm to tenants.

According to the town assessor’s database, the property has been owned by one Mary Robinson of Dartmouth since 2001; the cows do not belong to her, however. The investigation continues.

[Image via Shutterstock]