Giant UFO Spotted Whizzing Past Jupiter And Its Moons – ‘Killer Footage’ Captured By Amateur Astronomer [Video]

Online UFO forums are abuzz with speculation following the emergence of “killer footage” that allegedly shows a gigantic UFO hurtling past Jupiter and three of its moon at tremendous speed. UFO hunters claim that the amateur astronomer footage actually shows a massive alien craft passing through the Jupiter system.

The amazing UFO footage was first uploaded online on April 13, 2016, by YouTube user TakeBackSpaceTV, who apparently captured the footage.

Online UFO hunter Secureteam10 also uploaded a copy of the footage to YouTube on June 12, 2016, under the title, “Giant UFO Tracked Passing Jupiter By Shocked Astronomer! Alien Coverup.”

Secureteam10 identifies the amateur astronomer who shot the “killer footage” as Chris.

Chris captured the footage while filming the sky over Tampa, Florida, on March 23. He tracked the mysterious object allegedly flying past Jupiter for about 10 minutes before it disappeared.

The remarkable footage shows Jupiter, the largest of the gas giants in our outer solar system, and three of its brightest moons. A mysterious fast-moving object appears in the upper right corner of the frame and moves at tremendous speed past the Jupiter system.

The UFO is later filmed passing a star.

The amateur astronomer (TakeBackSpaceTV) wrote in the video description provided on his YouTube channel that he captured the footage on March 23, and uploaded it to YouTube on April 13, 2016.

He captured the footage using an 8″ Nexstar telescope with a Sony a6000 camera.

He explained that he “had just changed the lens and began to dial in focus on Jupiter” when he saw an object moving, apparently, at tremendous speed past the Jupiter system.

He noted that he was unable to match the object with any satellite transit online.

“I could not match it up with satellite transits online,” he wrote, “but that doesn’t mean it’s not a high altitude known object.”

“I personally don’t know what it is,” he continued, “but it seems like it gets brighter (possibly reflecting light) and dimmer in certain parts.”

Pointing out that the object appeared to be in the same focus as Jupiter, Secureteam10 argued it was a UFO flying close to Jupiter.

“This amazing footage was actually a four-hour long video of a full moon that was captured in beautiful high definition,” Secureteam10 narrator Tyler Glockner, said. “But at one point he [Chris] switches over to Jupiter. You see what seems to be a massive object passing by or near the Jupiter system.”

“He tracked this thing for almost 10 minutes straight before the craft disappeared. The thing looks massive.”

The footage has sparked discussion and debate on multiple UFO forums, with many UFO enthusiasts asserting that the video shows a mysterious alien craft racing past Jupiter.

Giant planet Jupiter
Planet Jupiter [Image via Shutterstock]

But skeptics challenged the consensus among UFO enthusiasts that it was an alien craft passing through the Jupiter system. Some suggested it was an asteroid, while others said it was really a satellite flying close to Earth.

“Probably an asteroid. Nothing to suggest an alien space craft. Move along.”

“I think we are getting a little too excited about that object,” a skeptical viewer said. “If it was close to Jupiter it would not only have to be huge, it would have to be traveling at close to light speed.

“I think it was more likely a satellite going over head, but only way to know for sure is by the direction it was traveling,” another skeptical viewer concluded.

“Looks like a satellite, It could be a number of things, there is absolutely no way you could judge the distance of this object via camera focus,” a third said.

“I’m more inclined to believe it’s small and close to earth, rather than extremely large and moving at incredible speeds out in our solar system.”

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring also argued the footage shows a UFO moving past Jupiter at great speed.

“This is some amazing footage of a giant UFO moving past Jupiter back in March,” he wrote in a recent blog update.

Based on its apparent size relative to Jupiter and its moons, the veteran UFO hunter concluded the UFO was very big.

“This UFO is almost in focus and looks really big,” he wrote. “[It] looks to be about the size of any one of those moons. Each is about twenty-five percent that of Earth… that’s one big UFO.”

Waring supported the argument that the object was likely close to Jupiter rather than to Earth by pointing out that it appeared to get brighter as it moved closer to Jupiter.

“That means it’s really close to Jupiter, within its orbit,” he wrote.

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