June 30, 2016
Is The Cast Of 'Southern Charm' Being Hypocritical, Due To Their Own Lies And Drug History?

Social media has been bubbling over, and half the cast of Southern Charm showed up last night with Andy Cohen on WWHL to throw more fuel on the fire about how their behavior toward Kathryn Dennis is vindicated by the failed drug test.

Led by Whitney Smith's mama Patricia Altschul (who was not in New York, but rather was home, likely with a cocktail in hand, tapping out nastiness on Twitter), half the cast (Whitney, Landon, and Cameran) now claim the cat is out of the bag, and the real reason they haven't wanted to film with Kathryn was that she is a drug addict. Whitney's mama has been calling Kathryn a liar, but should the rest of the cast be throwing stones? Are they all truly clean living truth-tellers? History seems to tell a different story.

According to the Inquisitr, the executive producer of Southern Charm, Bryan Kestner, who Whitney's mama Patricia was so impressed with (the one she said was the founder of Planet Hollywood, except he reportedly owns no stake in Planet Hollywood) that Whitney should open up a restaurant with,instead of Shep, was arrested in Charleston during the run of Southern Charm for having crack paraphernalia in his sport coat pocket while urinating behind an alley dumpster. But here is the twist: The sport coat did not belong to Bryan Kestner, but rather one of his friends who is part of the cast of Southern Charm.

Added to this arrest, it is fair to mention that this is the same executive producer who has also been arrested for beating up his girlfriend, and admitting to CDV, criminal domestic violence. Ironically, the cast is more concerned with Kathryn Dennis. But this is all forgiven, because the tribe has voted, and they like Kestner despite his convictions.

And speaking of drugs, there is the other person who was in court, and yes, he tested clean on that day. But after last night's episode of Southern Charm, it would be hard to argue that Thomas Ravenel's outburst and attack on Shep Rose didn't seem to have a bit of extra fuel behind it. Thomas Ravenel has admitted to a whole host of interesting habits, according to the State, and again, he is forgiven. Ravenel even did time for using and sharing cocaine, the substance that caused the failed drug test, but that's okay because he is Thomas Ravenel and "that's just how he rolls."
In 2007, Thomas Ravenel was convicted of using and sharing cocaine with friends in Charleston, and he lost his position as treasurer of the state of South Carolina. Ravenel insisted that his conviction was politically motivated and the time he was sentenced to in a federal prison was excessive. But now he makes a joke about his cocaine use, saying that he "just likes the smell of it."
"I'm not trying to say that wasn't a stupid move, you know. Doing cocaine and sharing it? But, obviously, justice was not blind. I got a worse sentence than the drug dealer. How's that work? He had a thousand customers. What happened to the other 999?"
Then there was the drunk driving arrest in New York that caused Ravenel to lose his license. Again, there was a conspiracy afoot, yet he was convicted.
And then there is Patricia Altschul, who seems to be the president of the Southern Charm anti-Kathryn brigade, who, while portraying herself of the grand dame of Charleston, wants nothing to do with Kathryn Dennis because Patricia claims Kathryn is a liar. It seems that there is room for more than one of those on the cast of Southern Charm, according to OK Here Is The Situation.

First, Patricia was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and lived most of her life in the Washington, D.C., area, where Whitney was born and raised. Whitney and Patricia are recent transplants to Charleston, and so their residency and the Blanche Dubois accent are still pretty fresh. Whitney Sudler-Smith was born Whitney Smith, as his father's name is Lon Smith. Sudler is Patricia's mother's maiden name, added in after the fact.

But the word from Patricia's D.C. days, courtesy of Suzanne Kent Cooke (the former wife of Jack Kent Cooke, who used to own the Redskins), is that Patricia allegedly has a loose definition of the truth, and Cooke claims that Whitney's mama also has sticky fingers. Patricia was still living in the estate of her deceased husband, Arthur Altschul, and his home, Southerly on Long Island, was featured in Architectural Digest. There was a portrait of Pocahontas in the house, as well as the bed where Robert E. Lee was born, and Patricia claimed that these antiques belonged to her family. However, Suzanne Kent Cooke is calling foul.

"This is a BOLD FACED LIE! She'd stolen the painting, as well as the bed where Robert E Lee was born. She also absconded with a number of silouettes which hang in the Charleston house."
These antiques belonged to Patricia's third husband, Ed Fleming, and they are from his ancestors, not Patricia's and not Whitney's.
"It did not stop here. She also managed to steal furniture, art and silver. Amongst all the other things, she also took a brooch pin which contains a lock of hair from the baby Robert E Lee. You see, her third husband, Ed FLEMING was a direct descendant of both Pocohantas and Robert E Lee. The locket of hair had belonged to Ed's grandmother. Patricia had worn it to the Sporting Library in Middleburg, Va., claiming that the confederate general was her ancestor. Ed had been out of the country when Patricia wiped him out!"
Suzanne Kent Cooke says that Patricia's house might be full of family heirlooms, but they belong to someone else's family.

The big picture is that all humans have flaws, but Kathryn Dennis is not the only flawed cast member on Southern Charm. She is not the only person associated with Southern Charm who has made a mistake and is now paying for it. To use these flaws as a reason to freeze her out is incredibly hypocritical, as there are so many glass houses in Charleston that perhaps Bravo and Southern Charm should ban stones.

What do you think is really behind the anti-Kathryn sentiment on Southern Charm?

[Image via Bravo TV]