Prince William, Kate Middleton Share Their Condolences With America, LGBT Community After Orlando Shooting

Sheri Oz

Prince William and Kate Middleton expressed their solidarity with the American people, in general, and the LGBT community, in particular, following the devastating terror attack in Orlando, Florida. Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, visited the American Embassy to express their deepest condolences for the American people and the victims of Sunday's terrorist attack in Orlando's LGBT nightspot Pulse. They were very solemn and the room was absolutely quiet as they signed the Embassy condolences book.

"With our deepest condolences and with our thoughts and prayers for all those affected."

He signed it simply "William," and his wife added her name beside his.

After signing the book, Prince William and Kate Middleton spoke to representatives of the LGBT staff who work at the embassy. The Telegraph reported that Prince William will be featured in an article in Attitude, the LGBT organization magazine. A spokesperson for the LGBT community told the Telegraph that the Prince's acknowledgement of the tragedy that has befallen the Orlando gay community is an important act of reaching out. It is a sign that the younger generation of British royalty is sensitive to the needs of the LGBT community.

"The Duke and Duchess offer their condolences for the victims of the terrible attack on Orlando's Pulse nightclub, signing a book of condolence at the US Embassy @usa_in-uk."

At the time of this writing, there were 41,229 likes to this image and 156 comments left by those who support the royal couple in this expression of grief as well as some who were disappointed. Supporters appreciated the expression of solidarity after the Orlando terror attack. Some found it touching that William and Kate would care enough to make the effort.

"Thank you for your understanding on the plight of the LGBT community. Bless you both and your family."

Others took the opportunity to criticize British royalty, and some were cynical.

"Last Saturday 50 died in Venezuela but nobody signs anything. Last year almost 30,000, since 1999 53,000 people have died and nobody cares."

Prince William's father, Prince Charles, also expressed his condolences for the victims of the Orlando terror attack. His Twitter account, under the name Clarence House, uploaded a letter signed by Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

The terror attack in Orlando was a serious blow to the LGBT community and to the United States as a whole. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, President Obama said it was an attack on the American people. There are many unanswered questions that remain to be clarified regarding security issues, gun control, extremist terror organizations, and the hate directed toward the LGBT community in the United States.

The support offered by Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Charles, Camilla, and Prince Harry will undoubtedly increase the attention devoted in future to the LGBT community.

[Photo by Philip Toscano/AP Images]