WWE News: WWE Planning To Make Sami Zayn Into The Next Daniel Bryan, Slow Burn Push Coming?

With the upcoming WWE Draft and brand split, there is a need to create major stars in the WWE. It is tough to make someone into a star in the world of pro-wrestling unless they have the potential to be just that combined with the ability to get over fans. Look at Roman Reigns as a man WWE would like to be at the top, beloved by fans. He has not been able to land the way WWE has wanted, mainly because they have tried to push what the fans don’t want to see instead of what they do.

The opposite is true when it comes to the likes of Sami Zayn. Fans have asked for more and have begged to see Zayn given a chance at the top, while the WWE has not allowed it as of yet. It makes sense for now, as he just arrived on the main roster and pushing him over the likes of Cesaro and Dean Ambrose would not be smart. However, WWE is not against Zayn at all, and they feel he has a lot of potential.

Some compare his story to that of Daniel Bryan’s, and it looks like the company wants to play on that. According to Cageside Seats, WWE has had Zayn lose more often than not as of late because they plan to push him slowly. The thought is that the losses might get fans on his side, which would then allow WWE to do more with him. Fans already like Zayn, but he is not as big as the company and others feel he can be.

Zayn Owens [image via WWE]The theory Vince McMahon and management have is that they can re-create a Daniel Bryan movement with Zayn. He has a likable personality that fans have responded well to, similar to Bryan. It also makes perfect sense to create a build for Sami Zayn that would be just like Daniel Bryan’s. The reasons are pretty simple. Zayn is not a smaller man like Bryan, but he is smaller than most on the roster.

He also comes from an independent wrestling background that brought him great success away from the WWE, meaning he knows how to be a star in and out of the ring even without WWE’s help. That makes his value even higher because WWE knows they could make money with him if they use him in more prominent manner. While Daniel Bryan had a “YES!” chant to help him over the latter part of his WWE career, Sami Zayn also has an “Ole!” chant that has followed him from the independent world.

Zayn Miz [image via WWE]They both have a high risk/high reward offense that sees both men go to the top rope often and take a lot of punishment during a match. Bryan had the YES! Lock, a version of the Lebell Lock combined with a flying knee to finish matches with. Meanwhile, Zayn has a Koji Clutch submission combined with what he called a Helluva Kick. All of this basically means their offense is as close as can be, and the way they work in the ring is also quite similar as well.

While we can throw in that they both have beards, one will always beat out the other in that department. Plus no one wants to see Sami Zayn go that far…seriously don’t, man. Adding to the points in Zayn’s favor, the WWE draft is just days away. That means that the company will have a lot of room to make Zayn into a legitimate star, especially a possible top star. They need guys to step up when the brand split happens, and now more than ever, Zayn has a real chance to show that he deserves the main event as much as anyone currently there.

[Image via WWE]