WWE News: How Many Times Has Goldberg Spoken To Triple H About A Return To WWE?

The Memorial Day episode of Monday Night RAW was staring its worst ratings in history right in the face, if not for two elements that saved it from that distinction. John Cena returned that night and was subsequently attacked by AJ Styles and The Club in what was easily the most memorable in-ring segment of the show. And then there was the Goldberg revelation during the WWE 2K17 video game commercial.

Goldberg appeared from an abandoned “hatch” that WWE had been teasing in the days leading up on all of their social media platforms. As noted previously, despite a huge buzz around the idea of a Goldberg return to the WWE, the only agreement he came to was with the 2K Sports company. However, no decision as it relates to the WWE in the video games can be made without the approval of Vince McMahon.

It wasn’t the first time that the 2K team had tried to lure Goldberg into signing on for the game, but Vince had denied the request at every previous turn. This concession from the WWE Chairman raised a lot of eyebrows as it’s the first time that Vince had acquiesced to anything Goldberg-related in over a decade. Their relationship had been severely strained, so it’s only safe to assume that someone got in Vince’s ear to convince him that this would be best for business.

It’s still unknown whether that someone included the current Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events, & Creative, Triple H. The Game and Goldberg have a tumultuous history in their own right, but you’d have to think Hunter was somewhat involved in the final decision this time around.

In a recent interview with Romain Mahut, Goldberg revealed how many times he’s talked to Triple H about a potential return to the company (thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription).

“That’s a very big issue that I’ll have to deal with in that I’m greatly appreciative of anybody and everybody that would want me to return to the ring. But, at the end of the day, it’s not just my decision. The reality is you’re hearing this straight from my mouth. I spoke to Hunter one time, I think, in the last 12 years. Never been in negotiations. Just a conversation here and there, but it never went to the next level. I think both of us were on the same page with that.”

Goldberg has maintained that the biggest catalyst for a return to the ring is his son. Reason being, he never got to see his dad perform, and Goldberg wants him to see his dad do what he is most known for before he’s physically unable to do so anymore. The deal with 2K opened up that possibility slightly, though Goldberg claims that wasn’t the ultimate reason behind the agreement.

“I know this is a very big step for me in that I’ve been away [from WWE] for a long period of time and I never really ever saw myself being involved with them again, but along came my wonderful son and [it] opened up the possibility of doing something with the WWE again and I’m grateful to be in this situation. For me, my involvement in this video game is a huge honor. If it leads to something else, that’s not why I got into it, so be it, and I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to it. But that’s not why I got involved in this by any stretch of the imagination. And like I said, you never say never.”

It’d be interesting to see if Triple H would get back in the ring with Goldberg, seeing how Goldberg’s only World Heavyweight Championship run in WWE came at the expense of Hunter in 2003. But the one name that has continually come up since Goldberg broke out of the “hatch” has been Brock Lesnar.

[Image via WWE]