‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas’ Reappearance Raises Questions, Emma Has A Plan, And Julian Faces Difficulties

General Hospital spoilers detail that there are big moments ahead with Tuesday’s episode. Ava is on her way out of the country, and it just so happens that Nikolas is on the plane with her. Nathan has found the dagger that killed Carlos, and Jason and Sam are anxious to find out the truth about what happened at Wyndemere. What is coming up on the June 14 show?

Julian thinks that he has covered his tracks with Carlos’ murder, but it did not take Nathan long to find the dagger at the house. It was wiped clean, but General Hospital spoilers share that Nathan will feel pretty confident that the dagger is the murder weapon. As SheKnows Soaps notes, the weapon will head to the forensics department for testing. Nathan will be making an arrest at the end of the week, but does this spoiler reference Julian or someone else?

Ava is headed off to some international locale to stay out of the fray in Port Charles, and she was a bit surprised to see Nikolas on the plane next to her. General Hospital spoilers tease that she will take a photo of her next to Nikolas, and it seems that someone on the plane will think he recognizes Nik. Despite all of that, it sounds as if Nik manages to get out of town without the police, Rachel, Jason, or Sam learning that he is still very much alive.

Emma is still in Port Charles for a visit, and General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central have teased that she will try to play matchmaker at some point this week. She is said to throw herself into Anna’s love life in some way, and Felicia happens to be around and in the mix of this, and it sounds as if this may be related to Andre. Emma sets up a surprise of some sort for her grandmother, but will her surprise be a hit?


Jordan and Andre are about to have yet another discussion about his apparent feelings for Anna, and it looks like he is ready to admit there is something to her concerns. As the week continues, Jordan will be struggling to figure out what to do with what she has learned from Andre. In addition, during Tuesday’s show, Andre and Anna will have a discussion where he talks about how she needs to stay away from a case. In addition, he will be telling someone that he can’t side with them.

A man named Huxley will pop up on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, and spoilers indicate that he will be a British man with an air of mystery and troublesome motives. Huxley is the person on the plane who seems to recognize Nik, and many will recognize Dawson from the years he spent playing Henry Coleman on As the World Turns. It is not clear quite yet what Huxley will be doing during his time in the mix of things, but as Michael Fairman On Air-On Soaps notes, the gig is said to be recurring and short-term.


Sam and Jason are hidden away at Sonny’s cabin, digging into what happened at Wyndemere. Spinelli stopped by to help them during Monday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers note that they will be getting a visitor during Tuesday’s episode as well. It seems that they get a care package of sorts from Sonny, and as the week continues, they apparently will edge closer to the truth at least a bit.

Ava reportedly soon finds herself in danger, and spoilers detail that Jason will be needing to rescue Sam in some way soon. What is the truth about Nikolas and his disappearance? Is Julian about to be arrested for Carlos’ murder? Fans are buzzing about these summer storylines and cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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