Rob Kardashian Canceling Pregnant Blac Chyna’s Club Appearances In The Wake Of Orlando Nightclub Shooting

Rob Kardashian is reportedly canceling all of Blac Chyna’s forthcoming club appearances following the horrific nightclub shooting in Orlando.

The massacre over the weekend, which saw more than 50 people lose their lives, has definitely left Rob fearing for his fiancée and their baby seeing that the socialite has been making endless club appearances, earning up to $50,000 a night.

And while the offers that Blac Chyna has received are hard to say no to, Rob has allegedly told his soon-to-be wife that money should be the least of her worries right now. Their baby’s safety should come first, and with Chyna still making her way through numerous nightclubs every week, the TV star is so paranoid that he thinks something similar to the Orlando shooting could happen on a night when Blac is hosting a party.

A source told Hollywood Life, “In no way does Rob want Blac to stop being independent and making her own money. He loves her hustle. But right now, he is begging Chyna to cancel all her club appearances in wake of these shootings.”

The source continued by stressing, “From T.I. and Christina (Grimmie)’s concerts, to the Orlando tragedy, he doesn’t want Blac to be in crowded environments.”

As previously mentioned, money should be the least of Blac and Rob’s worries considering the fact that they’ve just signed a deal with E! that will see them make their televised debut as a couple on their own reality show, which is expected to premiere later this year. And from what insiders have revealed, with the help of momager Kris Jenner, the couple have signed a deal that’s close to a million bucks.

Blac has stayed rather quiet when it comes to her baby’s due date, but one can assume that with her growing baby bump, she would eventually have to stop making nightclub appearances anyway.

Following the Orlando shooting, it was revealed that a similar incident was set to take place in Los Angeles at the gay pride festival, but fortunately enough, cops made an arrest before the slaughter could take place, giving Rob Kardashian all the more reasons to worry about Chyna and her decision in wanting to continue hosting parties with her growing baby bump.

The couple rarely argues, according to sources, but if Chyna is to go against Rob Kardashian’s wishes to stay at home, rest, and simply focus her attention on their baby, trouble is bound to erupt in their household.

Since the duo confirmed their romance back in January, Rob and Blac have made millions by publicizing their relationship all over social media. Chyna landed her own emoji app, which came just weeks after Kim Kardashian launched her own — both socialites are expected to make anywhere between $3 million and 4 million from the deal.

On top of that, Blac has extended her Lashed company with the addition of beauty products ranging from a popular lip kit line (presumably inspired by Kylie Jenner), skin care creams, and hair extensions. To say that this 28-year-old has made a lot of money these past six months is an understatement, that’s for sure.

So with all that in mind, why should Blac Chyna be so hesitant to continue making nightclub appearances? After all, her baby bump is only going to get bigger, and being pregnant while at a club surrounded by dozens of drunk people isn’t exactly the best look for someone who has been trying to distance herself from what people originally know her for — stripping.

[Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images]