Teen Facebook Killer Gets Maximum Sentence

Jinhau K, the 15-year-old Dutch teen who murdered a 15-year-old girl after they became engaged in a Facebook dispute, was sentenced on Monday to the maximum allowed sentence.

The court ruled that Jinhau K had ‘a serious behavioural disorder with psychopathic traits’ which led to the stabbing death of Joyce ‘Winsie’ Hau at her family home in Arnhem in January.

Because of the defendant’s age, rules governing the case will allow Jinhau K to spend just one year in a juvenile detention center. After the jail sentence ends, he will be moved to a high security psychiatric facility for three more years.

K denied being paid to killing Winsie for money or through the use of heavy pressure. The court ruling states:

“The criminal file includes several statements about threats and the Chinese mafia, but never in concrete terms.”

“In their reports the psychologist and psychiatrist state that the pressure the defendant says he felt, was never so high that he was unable to resist it. There were several moments where the defendant could have called in the help of others or could have come to his senses.”

Jinhau K and Winsie were not friends, which led the court to question how a 14-year-old boy could kill a girl he didn’t know.

Also stabbed during the attack was Winsie’s father. During the close of the case, the slain teen’s father asked that the judge and politicians consider longer sentences for teens who commit murder under such exceptional circumstances.

Do you think teens should receive adult sentences for brutal acts of violence and murder?