Ryan Braun Could Be Taking His Big Bat To The San Francisco Giants Or Boston Red Sox

Ryan Braun has played his entire career with the Milwaukee Brewers, but it looks like that could be changing relatively soon. According to rumors that are gaining steam quite impressively, Ryan Braun could be spending the second half of this season as a San Francisco Giant or as a member of the Boston Red Sox. With the Brewers looking every bit the part of a seller at this point in the 2016 season, it would make sense the team would be selling their most valuable chip in the form of Braun.

For his part, Braun appears to be putting up the kind of numbers that are going to be very attractive to a contending ball club that is looking to add some punch. It’s interesting that two teams that already have very good offenses are now considered the leading contender for Braun’s services. Both landing spots would be pretty attractive for the Brewers’ outfielder for different reasons. When it comes to the San Francisco Giants, heading to the bay would mean staying in the National League, where Braun is most comfortable.

Ryan Braun [Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images]When it comes to the Boston Redsox, it’s all about going over to the American League where he might be able to DH from time to time in order to give David Ortiz a breather. Not having to play the field every day could add even a bit more pop to Ryan Braun’s bat. There’s also the added draw of seeing whether or not Braun can put up the same kind of numbers in the American League he’s been able to generate in the National League.

No matter where Braun ends up, it appears he’s one of the most sought after hitters in the game. The Boston Globe reports one scout rattled off more than half a dozen teams who might be looking for Braun’s services. In addition to the San Francisco Giants and the Boston Red Sox, the Houston Astros and St. Louis Cardinals might be looking for Braun’s bat as well. The massive amount of interest in Braun is popping up despite the fact that Braun isn’t in the last year of a contract.

The Brewers’ just signed their star player to a new, five-year contract that is worth more than $105 million. It seems as if Braun is having enough of a season scouts all over the major leagues think he is fully back from his PED troubles.

Ryan Braun Trade [Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images]So far in 2016, Braun is hitting.316 with 11 home runs and 36 driven in. There are some who are pointing to his performance as one of the main reasons the Brewers are even able to tread water this season. While his apparent resurgence might be drawing some teams in, Bleacher Report indicates other teams are going to stay out of the Braun sweepstakes because of that fat new contract and because he has had some injury woes in the very recent past.

Teams like the San Francisco Giants might be willing to ignore Braun’s injury problems, most recently his back and his thumb, because they are suffering through injuries that have led to some of their better players landing on the DL. Braun is also someone that brings quite a bit of offense, but Ryan isn’t someone who is going to hurt a team with his defense either. That is another attractive quality to Braun. This isn’t an outfielder that can only play offense.

His ability to play defense is another reason why Braun is so highly sought after by NL Teams. Ryan Braun isn’t moving just yet but it doesn’t seem as though he’s going to be a Milwaukee Brewer much longer.

[Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images]