iPhone 5: Leaked Video Reportedly Reveals Bigger Screen

A recently-leaked video claims to show the iPhone 5’s new and improved screen in action, the Daily Mail reports. In the latest video, which was uploaded by a user on YouTube, the iPhone 5 is clearly seen being switched, displaying its the 4-inch screen in all its glory. In order to show you the difference between the latest iteration and the iPhone 4, the mastermind behind the leaked video kindly gives viewers a side-by-side comparison.

In addition to the new screen, the phone’s new dock connector, which has caused quite a fuss among iPhone fans, can be seen in the video, as well. Although you can clearly see the user turn on the phone, which then illuminates the display, the individual never gets past the “Connect to iTunes” message that initially pops up. Given that Apple will probably track down those who are leaking this stuff online, chances are the user didn’t want to give the company a road map to his front door.

The Christian Post explains that the new screen isn’t the only feature on display in the latest iPhone 5 leak to hit the internet. The front-facing camera has apparently been moved from the left of center to the middle of the phone. What’s more, the width of the phone itself appears to be a little smaller than previous incarnations.

According to the Electric Pig, what makes this leaked video a little wonky is the fact that the user wasn’t supplied with the proper cable. Although the YouTuber claims that he received the iPhone 5 from an “anonymous source,” the person apparently failed to give the guy one of the new cables, leading some to believe that the leaked clip could be nothing more than an elaborate con job.

However, the device shown in the video appears to be the real deal as it lines up with other leaked videos and designs. I suppose we’ll know for sure when the iPhone 5 hits retail shelves later this month.

Are you excited about finally getting your hands on the new iPhone 5?