Amber Alert Caldwell Idaho: Three Kids Missing, Believed To Be With Molestation Suspect

An Amber Alert has been issued out of Caldwell Idaho on Monday afternoon. The Amber Alert was issued by Idaho State Police, and it involves three children who are believed to be in the custody of a child molestation suspect and a Caldwell woman who is the mother of two of the young children. The third child involved in the Amber Alert is the child of the child molestation suspect.


According to a KREM report, a felony custodial interference charge was filed against the two of the children’s mother, Sarah Joy VanOcker-Dunn. According to the Caldwell, Idaho Amber Alert, she is believed to be involved in the disappearance of the three children. Her boyfriend, Jason “Travis” Simon, is suspected in the sexual molestation of two of the missing children involved in the Amber Alert, and he is wanted on a warrant for charges pertaining to the sexual abuse of a child (or children).

Reports indicate that the Caldwell Amber Alert (which was reported from Boise, Idaho) was issued because two of the children that have gone missing, 9-year-old Kaylee Dunn and 10-year-old Lewis “Louie” Dunn (the biological offspring of Sarah Joy VanOcker-Dunn and Jesse Dunn) are, according to Idaho officials, sexual molestation victims of Travis Simon, their mother’s new boyfriend.

Per the Caldwell, Idaho Amber Alert, the children Kaylee and Lewis have been taken from their home, along with accused child molester Jason Simon’s child, 6-year-old Kaydn Simon.


According to reports, the Caldwell, Idaho Amber Alert was issued following the news that Simon and VanOcker-Dunn had taken off from their Idaho home. The pair reportedly took off after local Idaho police began investigating allegations that Simon was making child pornography.

The Amber Alert was issued after the mother, accused child molester boyfriend, and three children remained suspiciously absent since June 2.

According to Idaho authorities, all three children could be in imminent danger.

On June 2, the group was seen purchasing various camping supplies in Emmett. According to the Caldwell, Idaho Amber Alert, the group (including the three endangered children) were spotted on June 8 in Arcadia, California and on June 12 in Sparks, Nevada.

Canyon County has put out a $150,000 arrest warrant for mom Sarah Joy VanOcker-Dunn in the case. The warrant pertains to custodial interference.

According to the Caldwell, Idaho Amber Alert, authorities, the group is likely traveling in a gold 2006 Pontiac Montana vehicle. The Amber Alert also mentions that the vehicle has Idaho plates 2CJN683.


The Amber Alert indicates that Sarah Joy VanOcker-Dunn may now be sporting hair that has been dyed bright red; prior to woman’s week-long disappearance with her abducted (and reportedly sexually victimized) children, her hair had been dyed blue and purple, says the Ada County Sheriff’s Office.

According to officials, the group that includes three endangered children could be in the Sweet or Ola area. After the Amber Alert was issued for the Caldwell, Idaho family, dozens of tips have reportedly been generated. Authorities are hopeful that they can bring all three children, who range in ages from 6- to 10-years-old, home safely.

However, because of the child pornography allegations against Simon, law enforcement is concerned about both the physical and psychological well-being of the missing kids.

Anyone who has any tips or information regarding the location or fate of the children connected to the Caldwell, Idaho Amber Alert are encouraged to contact law enforcement as quickly as possible. Concerned citizens or those with relevant information about the case have been asked to call Caldwell police at 208-455-3115. Alternatively, anyone with information pertaining to the Caldwell, Idaho Amber Alert can always call 911 to get a hold of law enforcement immediately.

[Image via Ada County Sheriff’s Office]