Donald Trump Campaign Calls Mitt Romney A ‘Coward’

Mitt Romney “was a coward,” were the words that Donald Trump’s top campaign adviser, Paul Manafort, uttered yesterday when asked about the former GOP Presidential candidate from 2012. It appears as though the Trump campaign has more people to target for the 2016 general election than just Hillary Clinton, which mostly includes members of his own party, the Republican’s top brass.

As many already know, Mitt Romney has been a staunch critic of Donald Trump all through his campaign during the primary election cycle. Romney has led the effort to make sure that he does everything in his power to deny Donald Trump a bid for the presidency under the Republican umbrella. In the beginning, he threatened to contest the convention, but that would have only worked if Donald Trump had not gotten enough votes necessary to clinch the nomination.

Now that the effort to deny Trump the Republican nomination has failed in the primary race, Romney has started taking other avenues for his campaign against Trump. That includes encouraging a third party run by a more likely and vetted conservative candidate. But of course, that would also be dependent on whether or not Bernie Sanders decided to do the same thing, most likely with Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

According to ABC News, the Trump campaign has fired back at Romney’s attacks and described the former GOP presidential nominee as a “coward,” as quoted by Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chair and chief strategist, when he made an appearance on ABC’s This Week program Sunday.

“He’s now attacking this past weekend all the other Republicans who ran for president as well saying they should have done a better job,” Paul Manafort told ABC News’ This Week. “Well, if he feels that way he should have run. He was a coward.”

What Manafort is referring to was when Mitt Romney gave a speech to a crowd in Utah at their annual summit on Saturday, he had some things to say about Donald Trump that were none too flattering, to say the least.

Mitt Romney characterized Donald Trump as the person who is ripping apart a major American political party, the Republicans, at the expense of the party’s die-hard followers, who at their core are steadfast about maintaining a conservative relationship with the party.

But Mitt Romney did not mince words when he spoke about Donald Trump, not always using his name, but rather using his likeness as a reason for an ominous insurgency, of sorts.

“I love what this country is built upon and its values, and seeing this is breaking my heart, for the party that means so much,” Romney said at the Utah event as ABC reports.

Paul Manafort was definitely not packing any punches when he responded to the Romney speech and his many characterizations of Trump as someone who would be bad for America.

Aside from the fact that he called Mitt Romney a coward, Manafort also likened him to others that came before him, which includes longtime GOP donor Meg Whitman.

“They’re just sore losers,” Manafort said on ABC’s This Week. “You know [Mitt] Romney wanted to run, chose not to. Romney is not one to criticize and Donald Trump, who has tapped into an angst in America, has got a campaign strategy and is running a campaign that’s focusing on people.”

Mitt Romney is not the only one on Donald trump’s hit list recently. Just today, Trump has officially revoked the press credentials for The Washington Post, as reported by CNN.

That being said. Trump can only do this for his exclusive events. As afforded to them by the constitution, The Washington Post can and will cover his campaign and the many events that he will take part in, which includes future debates between himself and presumptive Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]