Kate Middleton Pregnant Rumors Continue: Is Duchess Expecting Baby No. 3?

The Kate Middleton pregnancy rumors are only continuing and show no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Once again, Gossip Cop has come to the rescue to debunk any pregnancy talk regarding the duke and the duchess. According to the website that prides itself on “busting bad dish,” a recent issue of Star blatantly posted on their cover that the palace confirmed the princess was having a third child. Star wasn’t the only publication that went haywire and published rumors about Kate Middleton, but the tabloid’s sister magazine, OK!, also thought it would be okay to publish such nonsense.


Kate Middleton’s pregnancy accusations have only been getting more and more out of control.

In a recent post, Gossip Cop said that Star had written, “One year after her last pregnancy, Kate is expecting again — and this time, Prince George and baby Princess Charlotte are getting a little sister!”

Not only did the magazine make this absolutely insane claim, but Gossip Cop found out that the tabloid went as far as pretending to have a source within the palace to confirm this rumor. The so-called source apparently told Star that the duke and duchess were “two months along” and also claimed that “they are beyond thrilled” to have another little girl.

The Kate Middleton pregnancy talk only became more outrageous as the article continued, explains Gossip Cop. The apparent palace insider even disclosed Kate and William’s thoughts on what they consider a good family.

“Kate and William agreed long ago that big families were best. They’ve always wanted at least three kids, and for them to be close in age. This latest addition couldn’t be more welcome…”

Not only are the prince and princess forced to deal with such silly rumors, but the queen also has to deal with this madness. The alleged source explains that the royal couple “told the Queen about it first” and that rest of the family was “all very excited for the arrival of George and Charlotte’s little sister.”


Kate Middleton’s pregnancy rumors finally reached a crazy climax when Gossip Cop wrote that Star backtracked on their statement and said that a “friend” stated that the duke and duchess will “announce the news when they’re ready.” After that quote, the rumor-debunking publication sarcastically stated that the claim was probably “the only accurate” one made by Star.

The Kate Middleton pregnancy hoax was officially debunked by Gossip Cop. The online source, which has gained a reputation for debunking fake celebrity gossip, explained that their “impeccable royal sources” said such rumors about Middleton were simply “untrue.” A Kensington Palace official also told Gossip Cop that they have “never confirmed” any such thing to Star. Sorry, Kate Middleton pregnancy hopefuls.

The poor duchess has been swimming in pregnancy gossip lately. As of April, Life & Style made the announcement that Prince William and Princess Kate were not only expecting one baby, but twins! As you can imagine, that wasn’t true by any means.

While Kate Middleton isn’t pregnant, the royal family is seeking another sibling. It isn’t necessarily a human relative, but they want to adopt a puppy. According to the Daily Mail, the royal couple has been researching for special breeders who have Bolonka Zwetna dogs. Kate and William have been in touch with an Italian company that specializes in breeding these types of animals. Bolonka Zwetna dogs are small Russian pooches, which come from the Bichon family. Perhaps the royal family will have another dog to keep their current cocker spaniel Lupo company. Who knows? Maybe the queen’s corgis will be invited over for a doggy playdate.

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