‘Arrow’ Season 5 Spoilers: Stephen Amell Teases Four-Night Crossover Event

Fans wondering about whether Arrow would crossover with Supergirl now that the latter has come to the CW network will not be disappointed by this news. Stephen Amell has talked a lot recently about the show’s move and what it means for Oliver Queen and Team Arrow. He has hinted that a four-night crossover event between Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.

All shows are set in the DC comic universe, although Supergirl is set in a different Earth. The Flash’s crossover in Supergirl Season 1, which was a unique network crossover too, made it clear that Kara lives in Earth-2. This Earth has been featured in The Flash again and was used to bring Katie Cassidy’s Black Canary back but as the Black Siren.

Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are set in the same Earth as The Flash, although Legends uses a lot of time travel. Having that crossover with Supergirl would be relatively easy to explain. The question is how Oliver Queen can end up in a different Earth. Could that Earth come to him?

The Christian Times doesn’t say how the crossover event will happen, but that it will be the first of its kind. Usually, only two shows crossover. The most the CW has done is three when Oliver Queen and Barry Allen helped to set up Legends of Tomorrow. Most of the characters in Legends were introduced in either of its parent shows.

Usually when official crossovers have happened, they have crossed into the two shows. This is not just the case with the DC universe shows. The Originals and The Vampire Diaries tend to do multi-episode crossovers, especially in the last year when Stefan visiting New Orleans for somewhere to block magic and ended up in Klaus’ drinking hole.

Amell’s tease that a four-night crossover was coming is not the first time a mention like this has been made. When Supergirl joined the CW, the network’s president Mark Pedowitz mentioned an annual crossover event. It looks like this is going to be something that will happen each year to keep fans entertained.

Having all the shows now on the same network certainly makes it much easier. All the filming is now completed in Vancouver, too. It makes it easier for all the actors to get together on each others’ sets. A four-night event also helps to spread out the storylines and keep fans entertained rather than focusing too much during one particular show. It can help to get fans further invested in the Arrow spin-offs.

Details have not yet been shared. The good news is that the CW agreed to air all four shows in the fall, unlike The Originals, which has been pushed back to January 2017. The four-night crossover can realistically happen, and it looks like the network had that in mind when creating the schedule. The four shows each air on one night of the main weekday nights for TV, with Supergirl on Mondays, The Flash on Tuesdays, Arrow on Wednesdays, and Legends of Tomorrow wrapping the superhero fest on a Thursday.

Amell has said that while this event will be amazing, he admits that it will not be easy to film. There are many characters and the different universes to think about, although he does say the different universes are something they can work around. There have already been theories that Legends of Tomorrow or The Flash will somehow pull Team Arrow into Earth-2 or Supergirl will visit Starling City.

Only time will tell whether this actually happens. Arrow and the other shows will not start until the fall, so there is plenty of time for the writers to work out the kinks and get everyone together for the four-night crossover event.

[Photo by Caroline McCredie/Getty Images]