‘The Originals’ Season 4 Spoilers: Who Will Help Hayley Save The Mikaelsons?

The Originals Season 4 isn’t coming back until January 2017, but that hasn’t stopped the theories and speculations. After the shocking and nail-biting Season 3 finale, many fans now wonder how Hayley will save the Mikaelsons.

It isn’t going to be something she can do alone. She will certainly need help, and there are already hints that she will get that. Who could possibly step in and help her find the various cures? Who could help to build an army against Marcel?

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With the time jump confirmed, one of the possibilities is that her daughter Hope will play a part in saving the Originals family. Hope is still only a toddler, but the time jump could make her old enough to control powers through her witch side, though nobody has confirmed whether she has powers or not yet. She may also be able to control her wolf side due to her father being a hybrid at the time of conception, which would give her the strength and power needed to help her mother.

Depending on the time jump, there could also be a crossover between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries. Fans have longed for a Klaroline crossover for years, and Klaus’ disappearance certainly opens the door for one. Could Caroline agree to allow the twins to help find Klaus and find a cure for his siblings’ various ailments? That would be something Alaric would also need to agree on, and then there is Stefan to consider.

During an interview with TV Line, executive producer Michael Narducci has already hinted that Hayley could use a witch to save the Mikaelsons. It is possible that she could save Freya first, who then works on saving the rest of her siblings. Maybe they find that the poison is the easiest one to cure out of all the different ailments. Hayley will need to focus on one at a time, after all.

Another option is that Vincent turns up and decides to help Hayley. Maybe Marcel’s position of authority has turned out to be worse than Klaus’. Could Vincent decide that the grass isn’t greener after all?

Davina may make a reappearance somehow. Right now, she is believed dead and gone, but nobody has really confirmed that. There is always the possibility that her soul has ended up somewhere else on the other side and was safe when the link to the ancestors was cut. She can now reappear and help Hayley save the Mikaelsons, mainly to save Kol.

There are also plenty of other witches in New Orleans. Now that they have lost the connection to the ancestors and Marcel has taken over again, they may be back to the way they lived at the start of The Originals Season 1. They could turn to Hayley to help bring back the Mikaelsons to give them more freedom again.

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Another witch from The Vampire Diaries may turn up to help. Valerie left Mystic Falls when she realized that Stefan loved Caroline more. Could she come across Hayley at some point and decide that she will help her? Valerie and Hayley don’t know each other, and it’s unclear whether she knows much about the Mikaelson family — maybe just snapshots that Stefan has told her.

Only time will tell. There are plenty of options available for Hayley to save the Mikaelsons from death. The question is who will she trust? She has the safety of her daughter to consider, so she would not rely on just anybody. Surely it would be someone she has had a connection with in the past or someone Originals fans already know she can trust.

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