Bernie Sanders Can ‘Bern Green’ With Political Twin Jill Stein – Greens Growing, Dems Play Dirty

A Bernie Sanders-Jill Stein ticket could be this summer's sleeper political hit.

The Green Party is building a political home for Bernie Sanders, which may be especially appealing to him given the Dems' relentless bullying.

After Hillary's bitter drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination back in June of 2008, the establishment candidate's vindication this year was to proclaim herself the Dem nominee on that eight-year anniversary -- smack in the face of Sanders still being in the race and with complete disregard to the voters, who have not given her the required number of pledged delegates.

This and other dirty Dem moves have assaulted Bernie's campaign, driving many of his supporters to continue their revolution under what may prove to be a much more effective platform – the Green Party.

Sanders and Stein make a perfect political pair. They are seasoned professionals with policy agendas that redefine liberal as logical. And neither candidate has scandals to stop them.

There are three main steps to a Sanders-Stein ticket – Stein's issue alignment with Sanders becoming known, the Green Party getting on the ballot, and Bernie coming on board. Here is how all of these are possible.

First, Dr. Jill Stein is Bernie Sanders' political twin – she has been fighting for his policy goals for years. Stein is what Sanders' supporters thought Elizabeth Warren was -- loyal to the American people and to Bernie's lifelong issues, and not afraid to speak out.

Now Elizabeth Warren is losing support as Stein is gaining it.

Like Bernie, Stein stands firm that "too-big-to-fail" banks should be broken up. She also supports the tax on Wall Street that Bernie seeks, and she is with Sanders to make public college be tuition-free.

Stein completely mirrors Sanders that "incarcerating [the] poor and minorities has become big business," and must end.

Exactly like Bernie, Stein advocates that it is un-American for the top one percent to have more wealth than the bottom 90 percent. Both Bernie and Jill insist that healthcare is a right, fracking should be banned, and pay equality is a must.

Sanders and Stein both oppose "job-killing corporate trade agreements," such as TPP and NAFTA. Stein is exactly on track with Bernie with immigration and minimum wage issues.

Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein both have strong foreign policy agendas that stress "human rights, international law, and diplomacy."

Like Sanders, Stein is transparent. People can visit OnTheIssues.Org for a thorough list of Dr. Stein's political goals.

Stein -- a physician who ran for president in 2012 -- is getting mainstream media attention for her credibility and her fierce talk about Hillary Clinton, such as reported in the Washington Times.

It is simply uncanny how closely Sanders and Stein are aligned in the revolution of American politics.

On the second step to a Sanders-Stein ticket, the Green Party is working toward being on the ballot in all 50 states. The Party released the following statement.

"As of June, 2016, we are on the ballot in 20 states, reaching 55 [percent] of the population. Another 35 [percent] of the population is in states where we have active ballot access campaigns. Expect to see more states turning green soon. And in states where the remaining 10 [percent] of the population lives, we are working to have the courts overturn their draconian ballot access requirements."

Third, Bernie Sanders is now politically homeless. The Dems have clearly rejected him, and his Independent ship has sailed, as too many deadlines may have passed for him to get on the ballot in all 50 states on his own.

The most suitable political home to which Americans can welcome Bernie is the Green Party.

Sanders has left the door open to a Green Party run by not yet endorsing Clinton. And a flood of passionate, dedicated voices are crying out to him from America's soul.

Bernie Sanders' no-third-party deal with the Dem Devil never included suppression of his only path to victory – his voters. Millions of Americans have been denied the ability to cast a vote for Bernie, due to changed registrations, lost ballots, closed primaries, shut-down polling places, and other unfair and illegal issues enumerated in lawsuits.

Now the potential for a Bernie Sanders-Jill Stein ticket is before America. Sanders supporters have an abundance of will, and the Green Party is a welcoming way.

[Photo by Jeff Swensen/Getty Images]