‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Drama Brews As Asa Presents Her Gorgeous Kaftans

The beauty of Asa Soltan Rahmati’s kaftan fashion show on Shahs of Sunset was marred by behind-the-scenes drama brought by Mike and Jessica, Reza’s questions about GG and her rheumatoid arthritis, and MJ’s boyfriend drama. But Asa’s kaftan show for charity must go on, as this episode is called “Lights, Camera, Kaftans!”

According to the Inquisitr, the cast of Shahs of Sunset were wondering if GG had a serious drinking problem, as she continues to get drunk and confrontational, literally causing fist fights at parties among people who are allegedly her friends. GG’s behavior wasn’t that of a functional adult, but Asa, Reza, and Shervin decided that it was time for an intervention.


The Hollywood Gossip revealed that while Asa was preparing to share her beautiful kaftans to the world, the drama in the lives of the rest of the cast of Shahs of Sunset is coming to a boil. While Asa is setting up the kaftan fashion show at the Four Seasons on a beautiful day, Reza has a bug up his bum. Now that his personal life is stable, he wants to shake up the lives of GG using Shervin and making suggestions that Mike needs to get dominant in his relationship.

As Asa is ready to send the models out adorned in her kaftans, there is a delay because her “crew” is getting ready to throw down in the audience. Reza is lit up that GG doesn’t have RA, and he chooses Asa’s fashion show to talk about it. Poor Asa.

“She doesn’t look like someone about to get chemo.”

He sends Shervin over to the bar to confront GG.

“No one can confirm anything. I doubt her story more than ever.”


GG has explained that her RA is so aggressive that she is starting chemo, but Reza, Mike, and Shervin have doubts that GG is being straight with them.

“I think Golnesa is lying about having RA (rheumatoid arthritis).”

None of the men believe that someone with RA could wear stilettos, drink, smoke, and party on a daily basis. But there is a break in the drama, and the women of every shape and size walk the garden runway in style, modeling a colorful array of Asa’s beachwear.


Reality Tea explains that the story that came out in the offseason about the the Shahs of Sunset marriage of Mike and Jessica started to unravel publicly at Asa’s fashion show. Although Jessica had already moved out at the beginning of the season of Shahs of Sunset, she had not yet revealed the story of Mike’s cheating, but it all came out at Asa’s fashion show.

But two major plots for the season came out coincidentally on the day that Asa sunk $50,000 into a fashion show at the Four Seasons for her kaftan line, which she believes is at a critical juncture, as she has less that $3,000 at that moment in her kaftan line bank account, which she doesn’t want to tell her mother, Zinat.


But the fighting theme between the friends of Shahs of Sunset is lying and who is telling the truth within the circle of friends. Both Mike and GG have been accused of lying in the past, and both have gotten caught. Mike tells the confessional that he did not cheat on Jessica, and GG loses it on Shervin when he tells her the gang thinks she is lying or at least exaggerating about her RA.

Both of these confrontations set off a bomb at Asa’s fashion show, leaving her fashion show front row empty as the models walk the catwalk in their kaftans.

Do you think that Reza and Mike were rude on Shahs of Sunset to miss Asa’s kaftan fashion show?

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]