Reasons Why It’s So Hard To Lose Weight And Keep It Off — And Strategies To Bust Through And Melt The Pounds Off

Chrissie Williams - Author

Jun. 13 2016, Updated 7:44 a.m. ET

In theory, it seems like weight loss should be a simple thing–calories in versus calories out. However, it’s not that easy for most people. Weight loss is hard. It forces your body to shed weight that it wants to hold on to for warmth. There are several reasons it can be hard to lose weight, and we’ll address them below.

Most of us realize that our body has a “blueprint” based on genetics passed on to us from our parents. Our genetics determine our hair and eye color, but also reveals our body composition. That’s not to say; you are destined to be an obese person–it only determines your body shape.

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There are people, like RHONY star Bethenny Frankel, that have what doctors refer to as a “skinny gene.” Others like Oprah Winfrey is born with a large body composition. Neither are right or wrong; it will just tell you how your body is most comfortable.

The environment we live in plays a huge part in our efforts to lose weight. For example, everything we need is handed to us. We no longer hunt for food or have to walk to a mailbox anymore. The most efficient way to communicate with loved ones is via email or text messages.

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Most American’s diets are loaded with sugar, caffeine, and processed foods. It only makes the risk of obesity higher, especially when you figure in the lack of movement and exercise. It’s a recipe for disaster and has only one outcome–weight gain and a variety of diseases from the unhealthy lifestyle.

The biggest reason you can’t lose weight, Health News reports, is your body will work against you. When you try to lose weight, the body reacts with dramatic changes in your hormone levels with cause hunger and mood changes.

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“It’s not that our bodies don’t want to lose weight and be healthy. It doesn’t want to starve. These biological mechanisms were meant to keep us from whittling away, but they don’t help us in our current environment where most people are overfed. “

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Let’s put the calories in and calories out aside. Losing weight can damage your basal metabolic rate (BMR), which makes it hard to sustain weight loss long term. Once you increase your calories to maintenance level, you gain weight. It results in what is known as yo-yo dieting, and can lead to a life-long battle to lose weight.

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The good news is there are ways to lose weight despite the challenge. Even though your genes determine your body shape, your diet and environment play a role in how your body looks. If you feed yourself healthy foods, you won’t be obese because you will likely have little to no body fat.

If you work long hours, there are ways to get exercise in without feeling like you are cramming it into an already full day. Instead of sitting in your office, do squats or other exercises. Bring hand weights and do a few reps while taking a conference call. And, there’s always our lunch hour — go to the gym or walk around the block a few times. It doesn’t take much effort to see long term rewards with your activity.

If you still are unsuccessful in losing weight after changing your diet and activity levels, it may be a good idea to seek the advice of a professional–dietitian, personal trainer, or obesity medicine specialist. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, rather it tells the professionals you are serious about wanting a change and have the motivation to follow through with the changes needed to be successful in losing weight, for good.

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