'Amityville Horror' House Is Being Sold For Only $850,000; Claims It Is 'Safe For Children'

Amityville Horror house is being sold on the market for a modest $850,000, according to People magazine. The house, where six people were murdered in 1974, boasts a huge boat house, a dining room, and a heated sun room.

In fact, this house has such a scary history that it inspired American author Jay Anson to write a horror novel The Amityville Horror in 1976, after which it was been made into 15 horror films.

The owner of the Amityville Horror house, Caroline D'Antonio, has listed the five-bedroom, four bathroom property for $850,000. The house made headlines in 2010 when it was put on the market for $950,000. It was D'Antonio and her husband David, who died last year, who purchased the house.

It's unclear why D'Antonio decided to put the house on the market now.

In 1974, the Amityville Horror house made headlines when Ronald DeFeo, Jr., 23-years-old at the time, turned the house into a bloody murder scene. DeFeo killed both his parents and four siblings late at night while they were sleeping.

DeFeo is still serving his 25 years to life sentence in Stormville, New York. But the grim history of the house didn't prevent George and Kathy Lutz from moving in the Amityville Horror house a year after the murders.

However, the Lutz reportedly lived in the house for less than a month, claiming that there was paranormal activity all over the Amityville Horror house, including voices, noises, and even slime pouring from the walls.

And that's how author Jay Anson was inspired to write his novel The Amityville Horror: A True Story in 1976. Three years later, the book inspired Stuart Rosenberg to make a movie based on the novel, The Amityville Horror.

26 years later, the film was remade and titled The Amityville Horror starring Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, directed by Andrew Douglas and produced by Michael Bay.

However, in an exclusive chat with People magazine, listing agent Gerald O'Neill claims that the story about the paranormal activity in the Amityville Horror house was a hoax.
"The whole story was made up. It was orchestrated to help with a potential demonic defense for the son who murdered his family."
Fans of the Amityville Horror films may indeed think that the whole story was a hoax, but George Lutz, who himself claimed to have witnessed paranormal activity in the house when he lived there with his wife, admitted that some scenes in the book and films were "embellished."

And O'Neill also claims that the Amityville Horror house is totally safe for children, saying that one of his friends lived there for nearly a decade with his family that included three children, after the 1974 murders.

O'Neill says that the only horrors that took place in the Amityville Horror house were the 1974 murders, but this factor has never had a negative impact on selling the house. In fact, there have been four owners of the house since the murders.

"None of them ran out of the house screaming, and there were no strange experiences."
And there is even already one likely buyer, O'Neill revealed. And it appears that this likely buyer is not concerned about possible paranormal activity in the house.

But it's still a terrible idea to purchase the Amityville Horror house, according to Cinema Blend. The broker and owner of Exit Family Realty, Joanne Mills, claims that the house is indeed haunted.

Perhaps the Amityville Horror house is haunted not by paranormal activity but by "the curiosity seekers" that go check out the house after reading the book and watching the films, Mills claims.

[Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images]