Cristiano Ronaldo Is Sad, Could Soon Leave Real Madrid

Cristiano Ronaldo should have been happy. He should have been happy after scoring to goals against Barcelona. He should have been happy when Real Madrid won the Spanish Supercopa. But Ronaldo just couldn’t muster up the energy to celebrate.

Ronaldo said: “I am sad…. That’s why I didn’t celebrate. And the club know why.”

Why? Why is he unhappy with Real Madrid?

After Ronaldo’s vague statement the soccer world spun out of control with rumors about the 27-year-old star. reports that several Spanish media outlets, like Punto Pelota and El Larguero, reported that Ronaldo was looking to leave Madrid.

Give Me Football reports that Ronaldo has been unhappy at Real Madrid for sometime and that it looks like the star is ready to move on to greener pastures. Of course, Ronaldo can’t just walk away because he’s unhappy. Real Madrid would either have to trade Ronaldo or another club would have to purchase the soccer star’s €1billion ($1.25 billion) buyout clause.

Ronaldo may have been sending up a smoke signal to team’s around the league with his “sad” comments. He may have just made it public that he’s ready to leave Real Madrid. Or, of course, his comments could be pretty meaningless.

Yahoo reports that Ronaldo may have been upset about the club’s treatment of his friends or that Marcelo Vieira recently said that Iker Casillas should win the Ballon d’Or.

Regardless, for the time being it doesn’t look like Cristiano Ronaldo is going anywhere. After Sunday’s win Ronaldo talked about the upcoming match against Portugal and qualifying for the World Cup. Ronaldo may be sad but he’s still looking at his future with Real Madrid.

Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo is ready to change teams?