Westboro Baptist Church Say 'God Sent The Shooter' To Terrorize Orlando Gay Nightclub, Sing 'Shooters Keep Comin' Around'

Patricia Ramirez

The Westboro Baptist Church has outdone its usual outpouring of hate-filled rhetoric in the wake of the Orlando terror attacks. The Orlando terror attack took place at Pulse nightclub early Sunday morning, and it resulted in the shooting deaths of 53 people. Fifty more were injured in the terror attack, which happened during a three-hour window during which time the patrons of the club were held hostage inside. Ultimately, police in Florida stormed Pulse and killed the gunman, but the rescue came too late for dozens. Westboro Baptist Church responded to the worst terror attack in U.S. history by blaming the victims for their murders, saying the vicious attack was the result of the club patrons' homosexuality and that "God sent the shooter" to kill them.

The Westboro Baptist Church Twitter feed lit up with jubilant tweets following the news of the massacre.

"God hates f**s. God sent the shooter. God hates murderer Omar Mateen. Omar Mateen and slain f**s are in hell. REPENT!"

The Westboro Baptist Church recirculated their hate parody while the bodies of some of the Orlando terrorism victims were still in the nightclub.

The song parodied by the Westboro Baptist Church has been on the Top 40 radio list for years, since it was first released in early 2013. The original song's creators, Bastille, tweeted about the horrific Orlando terrorist attack, and they are in no way supportive of the Westboro Baptist Church's views or of the organization using their song as a foundation for hate speech.

[Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images]