Estranged British Husband Blows $80,000 Game Show Winnings To Keep Cheating Wife From Sharing In Them

An estranged young husband and father won £50,000 (or $80,000) on the British version of Deal Or No Deal a few months back and spent the whole amount quietly in a four-month period before the show aired in order to keep his wife’s hands off the small fortune after he says she left him.

In fact, the Deal Or No Deal winner’s story is definitely a bit he-said-she-said, but, if he’s being honest in his retelling, you can hardly blame him for not wanting to share. British paper the Daily Mail carries the story, because of course it does.

According to the site, 33-year-old Scott Brown was devastated when his 29-year-old wife Rachel, mother to his two children, told him she no longer loved him and began carrying on with a truck driver she met over the internet. Mr. Brown was forced to move back in with his parents and was no longer able to see his two kids every day.

But he had a windfall of luck, netting the $80,000 win on Deal Or No Deal after risking his winnings several times to hold out for a bigger prize. After Brown received the prize, he spent it on an iPad, a vacation in Mexico, a secondhand Jaguar, and gifts for his children, and he settled large debts the couple racked up before they split.

On his decision not to share his winnings with his allegedly unfaithful wife, Brown says:

“How does she have the right to this money? My life has broken apart, I can’t see my kids every day any more and I have lost everything I have worked for over 11 years.”

Mrs. Brown declined to comment on her husband’s Deal Or No Deal good fortune, though the paper says that when the show aired, she took her estranged spouse to court in an attempt to claim half his winnings.