Wonder If Drew Carey Still Thinks 'Cleveland Rocks' When Trump Plows Through With RNC?

While rumors begin to circulate about the possibility that Republicans could dump Trump when they bring the Republican National Convention (RNC) into Cleveland, in December of last year, comedian and host for The Price Is Right Drew Carey tweeted out a link to an article by Reason where the title speaks for itself.


The comments that followed from other Twitter users did not have a response from Drew Carey himself, but at some point the celebrity is going to have something more to say about the issue, when Donald Trump comes stomping through Cleveland leading the Republican National Convention, because that's where Drew is from.

For years he's shown his support for the city and rooting for everything that makes Cleveland great.

Back in 2010 the Cleveland Plain Dealer blog wrote an article about how Drew could save Cleveland, where it provided a list of things that disappointed the comedian about the city. We might be correct to assume that Donald Trump leading the RNC into it this year could be one of them.

Donald Trump is coming to stay at Drew Carey's and the Cavalier's home for a night.
Quickens Loan Arena is the home of Drew Carey's favorite team the Cavaliers, which means this is his home too. Now, he's either going to let Donald Trump stay for a night while he does something else. [Image by Eric Drost via Flickr / CC BY 2.0]The Inquisitr recently reported on the companies who are boycotting the event and protesters who are putting pressure on those who haven't yet.

And actually, almost 20 years ago before he was a game show host, Drew Carey had another show which featured the billionaire in a traffic jam scene.

Certainly it couldn't have been the comedian's decision to put Donald Trump in The Drew Carey Show, right?


It was the second season finale, and really that early in a nine-season run, there's no doubt as a writer for the show, Drew Carey might have had a hand in the decision.

But that was also 1997 when Donald Trump wasn't running for office, threatening to ban Muslims, proposing to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, and didn't have a reality show with apprentices.

Those were different times.

Drew does consider himself a libertarian and has actually offered at least some insight into his political views with Reason TV.

Interestingly enough, Mr. Carey made a series of videos for a project called Reason Saves Cleveland which were recorded long before the Trump phenomenon.

Also, many might remember just how serious Drew Carey is about Cleveland which is clear when you go back to the opening theme song of his comedy sitcom which has the words "Cleveland Rocks!" in the chorus, ending with "Ohio!"

How about the fact that the song is written and performed by a band called The Presidents Of The United States Of America?

It also happens that news came out today that a former Cleveland mayor, George Voinovich, has passed away which Mr. Carey tweeted about.

It should be noted that George Voinovich ran with the Republican Party, and therefore it's not surprising that Drew Carey's libertarian leanings should be more to the side of conservatism.

Because even the libertarian who claims to have no party affiliation -- at least the most popular of the lot -- tend to run with the Republican Party as Ron and Rand Paul do, to whom Drew donated during the 2008 election.

Clearly from the Reason article he tweeted out, he's taking the side of how terrible a person he thinks Donald Trump is, and so it would make sense that he's in league with those conservative-libertarians who are repelled by Donald Trump.

Drew Cary doesn't like Donald Trump, but loves his Caveliers
Drew Carey might have broken up with the Cleveland Browns but he sure does love his Caveliers! Drew Carey and Bernie Kosar stand on the court before the Miami Heat play the Cleveland Cavaliers in an NBA basketball game Thursday, Dec. 2, 2010, in Cleveland. [Image by Tony Dejak / AP Photo]Last year he spoke with NBC Sports about his disappointment with the Cleveland Browns, where he totally unloaded about how he had had enough.
"Listen, you don't want those Browns to be part of your mental state. You know, the whole 'Cleveland is bad, the Browns are bad, Cleveland bad, I'm bad because I'm from Cleveland,' dance. You don't want that thing to be part of your brain. There are so many good things in Cleveland. Concentrate on the Museum (of Art) — it's one of the best in the world. Concentrate on the Cleveland Clinic and all the great things they're doing. Go to the orchestra. It's the best orchestra in the whole wide world, arguably, and it's right in our city. Take the money you were going to spend on the Browns, take your kids, and go to the (bleeping) orchestra. Then you can have pride in your city. That's the thing to be proud of. Don't wear your (bleeping) Browns shirt like an idiot."
Judging from this statement, it looks like Drew Carey might be catching a show with the Cleveland Orchestra and avoiding Donald Trump's Republican National Convention to make himself feel better about his city, if only for that night.

[Image by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP]