Young Thug Told He’s All Talk And ‘No Bite’

Young Thug is one of the most controversial hip hop artists in the world. Starting with his rapping style, it has been described by some top critics as ingenious, while others have stated that it is more of incomprehensible gibberish with rhymes. The following is an excerpt from one of the reviews by Wired.

"Although Young Thug's woozy, warbling songs certainly convey his feelings, they don't fit neatly into a rap formula focusing on intricate—or even intelligible—wordplay.

"The result is an infectious sound that makes sing-a-longs and description difficult. In The Rap Year Book, published earlier this week, Grantland writer Shea Serrano takes one side of the debate. 'Imagine if you took both of your feet and stuck them in a bucket full of warm mud and wiggled your toes around, except that mud isn't mud, it's your soul.' "

Away from his controversial rapping style, Young Thug is also a controversial figure away from the studio, with his feuds with other artists and popular personalities being highly publicized. Just last year, he had serious beef with Plies after he captioned a video of Young Thug's daughter saying she was tired, and included the words "bih" in it.

Young thug was furious and threatened to slap him. It ended with Young Thug saying he didn't want to mess around with lower tier artists, pointing to his number of records sold. The following were some of his tweets related to this.

"I'ma millionaire, p**** boy, and I bought my whole family cars, houses. Have you, lil' n****... Go check the numbers. I got way more hits than you could ever have, and you twice my age. Bag your old a** up... You disrespect kids, f*** boy. Nobody f**** with that. Always remember I'm up."
This is as reported by Design N Trend. Young Thug has however been viewed as a dangerous person by some after being implicated in a plot to kill Lil Wayne last year. Apparently, the incident happened after Young Thug was booed offstage, while trying to perform in New Orleans, where Lil Wayne has a strong fan-base. The following is an excerpt from an affidavit related to the case.
"According to the indictment, on April 26, Young Thug -- real name Jeffrey Williams -- was attempting to perform a show at a club in New Orleans, Louisiana when he was shouted off stage, with the crowd chanting for Lil Wayne.

"Shortly afterwards in Atlanta, Georgia, 500miles away, police spotted gang members connected to 22-year-old Young Thug -- including his former tour manager Jimmy Winfrey -- arriving at another club where Wayne was performing."

This is as reported by the Daily Mail. It is alleged that Winfrey shot at Lil Wayne's tour bus, and that he rang Birdman after the incident. Most recently, Young Thug was involved in a feud involving Birdman and Charlamagne Tha God.

It came to light after Birdman attacked Charlamagne on The Breakfast Club, telling him to "respek" his name whenever it came up. Later on that day, Young Thug threatened Charlamagne on Snapchat saying, "Charlemagne, you'll make n****s torture you, boy! I told yo p***y a**. You gone make me beat the f**k out you. We gone beat that f**k n***a up." He later on deleted the post, but watch it below.

And recently, the radio personality hit back at Birdman, saying that should have approached Trick Daddy and Rick Ross first, since they were the ones that publicly tainted his name. This was while on an interview with VladTV. The following was his exact statement.
"Go handle the big dogs first and then get to the pups later on. Ya'll all in Miami. Don't act like I'm the first one you seen."
He also stated that Young Thug was all talk. The following was his statement in regards to this.
"What bothers me is the fact that this guy [Young Thug] would get on social media and dry-snitch on himself in that way. That's what I don't understand about that new era. If you want to do something, or you want to attempt to do something, just do it,"
This is according to Design N Trend.

[Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Pandora]