‘I Thought Prince Harry Was Ed Sheeran,’ Says Margot Robbie

It seems Ed Sheeran is as coincidentally alike with someone like his controversial single, “Photograph.” And it’s even bigger—it’s a royal mistake!

Ed Sheeran has been the topic of the entertainment world for days now after he gets sued for $20 million over copyright claims. If you’ve missed the talk of the town, Ed Sheeran is being sued by Grammy-nominated songwriters Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard for allegedly stealing the musical composition of their 2009 song, “Amazing,” a single by 2002 X-Factor winner Matt Cardle. If you haven’t heard the chorus of “Amazing,” you’ll be amazed by how similar it is to the chorus of “Photograph.”

Ed Sheeran facing $20 million worth of damages (Photo by Cindy OrdGetty Images for American Institute for Stuttering) Ed Sheeran facing $20 million worth of damages [Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for American Institute for Stuttering]But in more current news, it seems it’s not only Ed Sheeran’s songs which are getting confused with other creatures. Ed Sheeran himself has been mistaken for someone, and it’s someone in the royal family nonetheless! Australian actress Margot Robbie, who we know from soap opera Neighbors and the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, has mistaken a British royalty for singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

In an exclusive chat with the Sun, Robbie reveals that she was goofing around with Sienna Miller and Cara Delevingne at a photobooth photograph at the Suki Waterhouse’s Christmas bash when she mistook Prince Harry of Wales for Ed Sheeran.

Margot Robbie was so drunk she mistook Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran (Photo by Kevin WinterGetty Images) Margot Robbie was so drunk she mistook Prince Harry for Ed Sheeran [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]Robbie told the Sun the following.

“Everyone now thinks if they come on a night out with me in London they’ll bump into Prince Harry. But I didn’t even know who it was. I’d had a drink or drinks. I thought I was hanging out with Ed Sheeran. I was thinking ‘Ed’s a really cool guy. I’m going to take some pictures with him.’ “

Did Prince Harry take the mix up with Ed Sheeran well? The Sun asks Margot Robbie and she reveals, “Nope!”

Prince Harry not too happy with the mix up (Photo by Alan CrowhurstGetty Images for Ascot Racecourse) Prince Harry not too happy with the mix up [Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse]Robbie, apparently, was letting all loose that night since the spotlight, for once, wasn’t on her but on her male co-star for The Legend of Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgard.

“I drank so much beer. I was living in London for the first time. I wanted to go everywhere and try every pub and restaurant and all that kind of stuff. I was just revelling in the fact I could eat whatever I wanted and he couldn’t. When I first saw Alex’s body my mind was blank and my jaw was on the floor with everyone else in the crew. People stopped working. Even the men were just like, ‘Whoa.’ It’s amazing. He worked so hard. I’ve never possessed the self-discipline to get in shape like that, I’m so impressed.”

To cut Robbie some slack, this is not the first time Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran are getting mixed up. Apparently, Princess Eugene and Princess Beatrice already once told Ed Sheeran how strikingly similar he is to their royal relative.

Comparing the facial hairs of Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran Comparing the facial hairs of Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran [Photos by Chris Jackson/Getty Images and Joerg Koch/Getty Images]Well, if we travel back in time, back to Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House” music video, we all thought Ed Sheeran’s official doppelganger was already Rupert Grint. It seems now we have a new contender to the “Ed Sheeran Doppelganger” title. Should Prince Harry feel rather glad about the mix up? Well, being a British royalty is already on a whole different level than being a Hollywood star, so we guess it’s only natural for him to get offended.

But it seems Ed Sheeran couldn’t care less about all these legal concerns and royal mix ups. He is, apparently, taking time off the celebrity radar and clocking up stamps on his passport with his girlfriend and childhood sweetheart, Cherry Seaborn.

This May, we saw Ed Sheeran going around New South Wales in Australia (maybe it’s really him Robbie saw in another event in Australia?) and in the USA with Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody and Johnny McDaid.

[Photos by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Wonderwall and Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images]