Orlando Shooting: Gunman Opens Fire At Pulse Orlando Gay Club, 50 People Dead , 47 Injured

Just a day after the fatal shooting of singer Christina Grimmie after a concert in Orlando, we have more disturbing news coming in from the city. According to NBC News, a gunman reportedly opened fire at a gay bar called the Pulse Orlando Nightclub in the wee hours of Sunday morning. NYDaily News reports of "multiple injuries" from the scene of the shooting.

Update: The death toll has now reached 50, making it the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.

The incident seems to have happened at around 2 a.m., ET on Sunday, initial reports say. Few videos reportedly from outside the venue show emergency workers and first responders tending to the victims. Several people, thought to be victims, are being provided emergency care on the ground. The Orlando Police Department has tweeted out confirming there are multiple injuries at the scene of the shooting.

Update: The gunman has been killed.Officials also added that this is a mass casualty situationA disturbing Facebook post was posted by the official Facebook page of the Pulse Orlando night club asking everyone to "get out and keep running." We have embedded the post below.

pulse orlando shooting facebook status

Several people have commented on the post above, one of them a man identified as Ricardo J. Negron Almodovar who claimed to be inside when the shooting started.

"I was there. Shooter opened fire @ around 2:00am. People on the dance floor and bar got down on the floor and some of us who were near the bar and back exit managed to go out through the outdoor area and just ran. I am safely home and hoping everyone gets home safely as well :("
There was a post from a worried mother as well. Lilbia Carmen posted the following message.
"My daughter is in there. Please keep praying for them... She's waiting for cops to be able to come out. I was on the fone and all i hear is shot guns."
She later posted an update saying her daughter was safe.
"She's out. Thanks so much for your prayers towards my princess and myself! My life is back!!! Thank you God for hearing our prayers!"
Some others were not so lucky.

Martha Bonilla wrote, "Sadly my cousin was in their and has been shot I pray he makes it praying for him.. For those that made it out I'm happy that you are all ok.. My thoughts and prayers are with all of u."

But the most detailed account came from a Paramedic named Jordan Hubler who posted a detailed account of what happened at the club - with the timelines. At this time, the Inquisitr cannot vouch for the veracity of Jordan's account. We are posting a screenshot from her update below.

Pulse Orlando shooting details

We are also embedding a few tweets from the scene below.

This is a developing news story. Please check back for updates.

(Photo AP/Phelan M. Ebenhack)