Christina Grimmie Dead, Wanted Better World For Animals

Antonio J. Newell

Christina Grimmie lost her life while doing what she loved: music. While many wonder about such human acts, Grimmie left the world plenty of hope for animals.

It seems as if 2016 has encountered more celebrity deaths than the last five years together. And, like many who encounter death, Christina didn't expect it.

Just look at Christina Grimmie's last Twitter post, made just hours ago.

As concerns one of her passions, Christina Grimmie wanted a better tomorrow for animals.

This former The Voice contestant was an avid animal activist. Grimmie has campaigned with multiple organizations in support of better lives for mistreated or neglected animals of all kinds and locales.

Christina's music even shined brightly in collaboration with these organizations.

If you remember, Grimmie performed Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out for a Hero" during one of the Humane Society's events. If you haven't seen her performance, you can watch Christina's video below.

Christina also expressed, just days ago, that she missed her pet.

"Guys I love dogs so much I will stop wat I am doing [with] any human ever just to play [with] a dog that is present."

Prior to Christina's Plaza Live shooting, she recently campaigned with the Human Society and Viewers to Volunteers concerning the "Charity Champions League." Essentially, she was helping to find homes for abandoned and neglected animals.

She's followed by Cal Ripken, Jr., Kevin Frazier, Nancy O'Dell, and Usain Bolt in the top five positions.

Regarding other animal contributions, Christina partnered with PETA as well. According to this organization, Chloe is Christina's adopted dog as well.

Her music touched a lot of lives, young and old. And although she appeared on The Voice, Grimmie also used her voice to speak out for those who couldn't speak for themselves — whether human or animal.

Accordingly, in 2014, Christina received the Best Voice for Animals award from PETA, according to Fanlala. You can see one of Grimmie's PETA endorsements in the video below.

According to Christina, it's better that you adopt your pets rather than purchase them from stores or breeders. Seemingly, there are always pets who suffer from unfavorable conditions and could use your love. Grimmie believed that shelters are the first source when adding a pet to your family.

Fanlala mentions that Christina Grimmie was known for her kindness as it pertains to humanity as well as animals.

You never know when it's your time.

Ensure that you let the people and animals you care about know that you love them. Life can be short.

[Image via Facebook]