This is how a computer game trailer should look like

2009 has set a new milestone for computer game trailers. Bioware and Lucasarts has created an amazing cinematic trailer with jedis, The Force, Siths and lightsabers. Bethesda Softworks’ viral music video “Shot At Love” for “WET” is something completely different, but cool in its own way.

At this year’s E3 Bioware and Lucasarts showed us how to make a cinematic teaser trailer for their new MMO “Star Wars The Old Republic”. This trailer is a treat for both Star Wars fans, lightsaber wielders and good graphic connoisseurs.

There is no official release date for Star Wars The Old Republic yet, but I think we can expect something in 2011.

The second trailer is a viral video from Bethesda Softworks’ upcoming Quentin Tarantino-ish third person shooter “WET”. I think its the first time I’ve seen a music video with dead guys singing about how much they love their killer.

“WET” is released September 15 2009.

Both videos are available in HD.