Charlotte Dawson, Australia’s Next Top Model Judge, Attempts Suicide

In a tragic twist to Charlotte Dawson’s anti bullying campaign, the former model was hospitalized after trying to take her own life on Saturday according to the Sydney Herald-Sun. Dawson is a former model and a judge on Australia’s Next Top Model. Dawson had been the victim of a viscous cyber-bullying campaign recently and texts reveal she couldn’t take the abuse any more.

Less than 24 hours ago Dawson appeared on television in Australia in order to spread her message that bullying was wrong. Immediately after cyber-bullies took to Twitter to smash the former model and t3ear her down. She received texts saying, “Go hang yourself”, Neck yourself you filthy slut” and other horrible things. It seems as if hundreds of bullies even created Twitter handles solely to mock Dawson. @gohangyourself, a recently created tag sent her pictures of dead bodies and even criticized her for not having children according to Jezebel.

Dawson Tweeted back that she hopes her suicide attempt makes the bullies feel better saying “Hope this ends the misery” and “You Win”. Friends called emergency services who found the model and brought her to the hospital where she is currently staying.

A hospital spokesman told

“She’s sitting up in bed, she’s expected to make a full recovery and she asks that her privacy be respected,”

The only good thing that came out of the harassment is that one of the people who went on a bullying offensive against Dawson was discovered and suspended from her job as a University administrator.