This commercial on Pandora bought to you by Clear Channel

Online music service Pandora has signed a deal with a Clear Channel subsidiary to sell its ads.

“What this provides is a way to scale our ad-sales effort immediately,” Pandora head Tim Westergren told Ad Age “When you grow as fast as we have this quickly, your inventory gets ahead of you. Plugging into an endemic, national network of sellers is a great point of leverage for a company like Pandora that is experiencing hypergrowth. Over time, as we grow into our shoes, this relationship will naturally evolve.”

The Ad Age article also speculates that Pandora and Clear Channel may also be looking at a content partnership…because the one thing most people in the US need is Clear Channel on their Pandora stream as well.

Personally I was surprised to see Pandora still going; they haven’t broadcast outside of the United States for several years, and the rest of the world has moved on without them.