‘Now You See Me 2’ Post-Credits Scene: Is There A Final Teaser Tucked After The Credits?

Those seeing Now You See Me 2 may be inclined to wait to see if there is an after-credits scene, especially after the announcement that the suspense series is already getting a third installation — but will it be worth the wait?

It’s becoming something of a tradition for movie franchises to include a scene after the credits have ended that gives a hint of what will come next in the series. The Marvel superhero series has taken this to a new level, with two different scenes tucked into the credits of nearly all of their movies that often introduce new heroes or villains that viewers will see in upcoming films.

So, is there an end-credits scene in Now You See Me 2, or is it OK for viewers to leave before the full 2 hours and 9 minutes running time? The answer can be found below.

[Warning: Potential spoilers for Now You See Me 2 are ahead]

Reports from viewers of early showings indicate that there is no after-credits scene in Now You See Me 2, and nothing during the credits itself. But, while there may not be a reason to stay all the way to the end of Now You See Me 2, viewers may be able to catch some spoilers of what comes next in the series.

The Now You See Me series may have started as a one-off movie, but the original 2013 movie ended up as a surprise hit. It took in $117 million domestically and $234 million in foreign releases, putting it over $350 million worldwide.

The second movie in the series was able to bring back stars Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, and Isla Fisher. The sequel is also predicted to top $350 million in worldwide box office totals, and there are now already plans for a third movie.

“We’ve already begun early planning for Now You See Me 3,” said Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told Variety.

The second Now You See Me movie will open this weekend amid some tough competition. The summer movie season is starting to ramp up, and it is expected to face some heavy competition from The Conjuring 2 and Warcraft, the long-awaited movie based on the popular World of Warcraft game series.

As MoviePilot notes, Now You See Me 2 is expected to be in a fight for second place at the weekend box office, neck and neck with Warcraft and quite a bit behind The Conjuring 2.

“The original was unexpectedly solid in May 2013 opening to $29.4 million and held up very well, closing to $117.7 million, despite mediocre reviews. Most of the cast is there this time around, and Daniel Radcliffe is thrown into the mix. Early reviews suggest the sequel is a little worse, but not much so. One of the three newcomers is likely to be the odd one out and this one is probably it. I am predicting it will have an opening weekend around $20 million to $22 million.”

The movie was already off to a decent start, with just under $2 million in Thursday night showings alone. If the weekend box office picks up, it could be on pace toward meeting the box office gross from the first installation in the series and be a good sign for the third movie to move forward quickly.

But there will still be some time before the third movie would be released, and with no after-credits scene in Now You See Me 2 it means fans will have to wait a few more years to get any more from the series.

[Image via Instagram/Now You See Me 2]