Underground Alien UFO Base With Glowing Artificial Lights Found In Mars Crater – NASA Hiding Truth About Aliens On The Red Planet, Conspiracy Theorists Say [Video]

UFO and alien hunters claim to have found evidence of “anomalous structures” inside a Martian crater that could be a secret underground alien UFO base. According to conspiracy theorists, artificial lights at the bottom of a deep crater on Mars suggest the existence of hidden structures beneath the crater that were constructed by technologically advanced extraterrestrial species.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on June 8, 2016, conspiracy theorists Secureteam10 claimed that mysterious lights shining through holes or vents at the base of a Martian crater could be the artificial lights of an underground alien UFO base on Mars.

Secureteam10’s Tyler Glockner suggested the lights could be from an alien UFO parked at the base of the crater or from a facility located beneath the floor of the crater.

“We have captured a lot of anomalous structures on Mars, however, this would be the first time that we’ve actually seen lights on Mars,” Glockner said. “This could be a craft of some sort; this could be objects down in the crater lit from within, it’s obviously impossible to tell.”

“We have found various domed structures across the Martian surface; we have found monoliths,” the prolific alien hunter continued. “We have found areas of Mars that contain these massive elongated shadows being cast on the surface from whatever massive cigar shaped object was above it, but we have not found lights.”

The ongoing proliferation of fanciful claims about intelligent technological alien life and secret underground alien bases on Mars stem, partly, from the 2014 confessions of an alleged whistle-blower, identified as Randy Cramer (pseudonym: Captain Kaye), who claimed to be a former naval infantryman.

Kaye claimed he spent nearly 20 years in space participating in a top-secret space mission managed by a clandestine multinational organization called Earth Defense Force (EDF).

He spent 17 years on Mars after receiving training at a secret EDF moon base called the Lunar Operations Command (LOC). He was posted to Mars as part of the Mars Defense Force (MDF), a contingent of troops providing protection for a colony of miners on Mars working for the Mars Colony Corporation (MCC).

MCC, according to Kaye, was a consortium of governments and corporations conducting commercial mining operations on Mars.

During his stay on Mars, Kaye interacted with two major Mars species, known to the human colonists as the Reptoids and the Insectoids.

Although the human colonists lived in peace with the Mars species, arrival of a third species, the Draconians, sparked a four-year war that inflicted heavy losses on the human population on Mars.

The “whistleblower” claimed that he retired after two decades of service and that his retirement ceremony, which took place on the Moon, was attended by the former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Kaye’s “confessions” inspired search for evidence of alien life on Mars, and soon, alien hunters were announcing discoveries of “secret underground alien bases” on Mars that purportedly prove Kaye’s incredible story.

For instance, in February 2016, alien hunters claimed to have spotted “what can only be described as a large base, that sort of looks like a military installation” in grainy Google Mars images of the Martian terrain.

Conspiracy theorists became so firmly convinced about the existence of alien species on Mars that during a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with top NASA scientists in September 2015, UFO fanatics accused NASA of covering up the truth about the existence of underground alien bases on Mars.

The Reddit session took place soon after NASA announced that liquid water had been discovered in Martian craters but that scientists could not explain how the water got there or how the bottom of the crater was being resupplied with water.

Some UFO hunters suggested that water in Mars craters proves the presence of intelligent aliens on Mars.

Conspiracy theorists argued that the water was being passed into the crater from an underground source by intelligent aliens living inside an underground base.

“Would this not imply its being resupplied by underground sources?”

“Yes. It also implies an underground alien base.”

Conspiracy theorists insisted that NASA was aware of the existence of multiple alien base installations on Mars, but the agency was deliberately hiding the truth from the public.

“NASA has done a good job of hiding a lot of these objects,” Glockner said. “Many times, what they’ll do if the objects are too sharp and the resolution is too high, they’ll simply erase the object.”

[Image via NASA/ESA/The Hubble Heritage Team/Wikimedia/Public Domain]